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End of Daylight Savings 2011, fears for iOS 5 alarm issue

October 30, 2011 and November 6th are two dates that we need to keep an eye on, as it is when Daylight Savings ends in the UK and US respectively for another year. If you can remember back to last year those iPhones running iOS 4.2 has an issue with their alarm; we now hope that these issues no not reoccur with iOS 5?

This was a huge problem for Apple last year, and caused a number of people to get up late, as their alarms went off one-hour later than it had been set for. It did not take Apple long to rectify the issue, but we did wonder why it happened in the first place? It’s for this reason why we come to the end of DST with a fear of being late for work, school or a meeting once again.

One would assume that Apple would not make the same mistake again, but it wouldn’t be the first time that the same problem reared its ugly head. In the past the iPhone has suffered from a battery drain, and it was not only down to a poor battery, but also with mobile operating system.

We now have the same issue yet again with the iPhone 4S, as the battery drain is truly shocking. However, it now seems that this is not isolated to this model, as iPhone 4 users running iOS 5 are experiencing the same issue. The confusing thing is, those with the 3GS claim that battery life has actually improved.

We still have a couple of weeks to wait to see if iOS 5 will suffer with an alarm issue, but surely it will not be the case this year?



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