Battery review for HTC Amaze 4G, problems like ThunderBolt

By Peter Chubb - Oct 17, 2011

HTC has not really done an amazing job at making the Amaze 4G any different to one of their other models, but they did just enough to make it better, but is this enough? Whenever a new handset is launched we want to see something a little different on the outside and just a spec update to help increase performance.

However, there will always be a trade-off between performance and battery, and it seems as though HTC has let us down yet again – just as they did with the ThunderBolt in that respect. Engadget points out that HTC rushed the release of the Amaze 4G, which is why it suffers from a lack of battery stamina. There are two things that could be the cause of this, the first is the dual-core processor and the second is the demand that 4G can have on the handset.

There now seems to be a pattern that many phones are being released with these battery issues, such as the ThunderBolt already mentioned and even the iPhone 4S. However, this now seems to be down to iOS 5, as readers have commented on our Facebook page that they are suffering from the same issue on their iPhone 4.

What has shocked us the most is just how quick the battery drain is on the Amaze 4G, which is said to deplete in three hours from a full charge, and this is just light to moderate use. We now have to wait to see if an Android update will help to solve the issue.

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  • Apple=Jobs

    They should truly get this battery issue fixed, because other can get an edge over Apple and HTC by addressing this issue first. Almost all of the smart phones have battery related issues. But haven’t really came across such problems with Samsungs and Blackberrys.

  • ml

    After reading 12 other reviews; including several that had “light to moderate use” and had battery lasting throughout a work day… and just read another review that had the battery still up after 24-hrs – it just leads me to question this article, as there’s obviously no testing or actual use to back it up. This is pure and utter crap.

    • Nana

      No, it is not crap! shame on you ‘Jack’ !!!! This is how I found this link! I am looking for how to keep the battery from draining so fast! The Amaze is my back up phone I have to use temporarily and I can’t believe the battery went down from full charge to 92 in one hour and I had not used it!

      It is true that in 3 to 4 hours it is at less than half without even using it!!! Its draining fast and I have already tried to find out why and removed all but one app. I will have to keep it charging to even use it, and no, it’s not thte battery. the battery is good.

  • Eestubbs104

    Very well written. Finally an article that I agree with 100%.