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Battery draining on iPhone 4S, iOS 5 or new features

When Apple started to take pre-orders for the iPhone 4S I was a little excited, as were hundreds of thousands of others, and that joy continued when our new handsets were delivered by courier. However, after now spending a few days with the new smartphone there are a few issues, but the biggest is the battery draining at an alarming rate.

Now it’s hard to know why this is, we had assumed that it needed a full recharge cycle, but that never solved the issue. We then proceeded to turn off iTunes Wi-Fi syncing, again, still draining fast. Our next step was to turn iCloud off; again this still did not help with how fast the battery would go into the red.

We then decided to do a little digging, and we have learned that it could now be one of two things; the first is that it might be Siri. Even though you are not using the new voice commanded assistant, it’s still there ready and waiting at a moments notice.

So far we have not tried turning this new feature off, but it might have to be our next step. We will try it later and then update this post to inform you off the results. However, it could be none of these things, and more down to iOS 5 itself. We would like to know if you have the previous model and are experiencing battery issues since updating to the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS? We do know that there has been reports of this update bricking peoples iPhone’s.



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