PS4 design patience vs. rushed release date

By Peter Chubb - Oct 16, 2011

The Sony PlayStation 3 is almost five years old now, and according to many source the current lifecycle is ten years. However, this goes against previous version of the popular console, as the PS2 was released in 2000, with its predecessor coming out just six years later. If we were to look at that, then one can assume that the PS4 will be released in 2012 sometime. We do have reason to believe that the Xbox 720 will beat it to market.

There has been much speculation as to the release date and also the design of the upcoming console, but which is of more importance? For us we feel that Sony should not be pressured into rushing anything, as they need to get the design right. It’s all well and good having a device that has awesome hardware, but if it looks like a tank, chances are it might not sell.

Having said that, Sony is wise and we have seen time and again that the Japanese consumer electronics company develops consoles that do not look like they have been designed by the US army. We do not want to upset any Xbox fans, but it is a known fact that previous versions of their consoles have shared similar design attributes to a tank. In the past Microsoft went for what was on the inside rather than the outside, and that paid off for them, but cannot see Sony doing the same?

It’s not just the design that Sony needs to get right with the PS4; it’s also the price as well. We say this because they went over the top with the amount of hardware specs on the PlayStation 3, (such as Blu-ray) and it was the user who suffered, as they had to pay for the privilege. In time the price of the PS3 did fall, but not before the Xbox 360 was able to pound them into the ground when it came to sales.

If you had to choose what would you rather, Sony announce a release date for the PS4, or they take their time to get the design perfect?

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  • Khawk90

    Technology is advancing rapidly, but, even if Microsoft beats them to market with a next gen console, developers will keep supporting the ps3 for awhile.  Sony should take their time, even if they’re 2 or 3 years later to market than Microsoft and Nintendo.  They could bury everyone… as long as they learn from their own mistakes as well as the other console makers’.  This time around, they need to remember that “bigger” isn’t better, but “smarter” is.

  • Alex

    Just put sweet tech in it and release it already. The PS3 and 360 are way outdated already. Just drop in Black Ops and play for about 3 minutes and you’ll know why.

  • Toodles

    If PS4 wants any chance of beating the X box, they have to release at least 6 months before the nextbox. If I were Microsoft, I’d focus on better tech this time through: To silence the constant complaints.

    As for Nintendo….hang in there.  Try and make as many sales as possible before the nextbox and ps4 hit the market.

  • Inferno122691

    I think the Playstation 4 Will be out Sometime between Q4 2013-Q4 2014.  I think it will be Q4 2013 with the Wii U coming Q4  2012 and the next xbox likely coming out in 2013. Launching it in 2013 would allow them to ready titles for example like Uncharted 4, Killzone 4, God of war 4, a new quantim dream game, a new Insomniac game, and maybe a cpl other huge exclusive titles for launch.

  • Cast

    I would say, Sony should take their time and make the best console they can with a good price, enough to be at a side with xbox. And the PS4 should also be released in 2 or 3 years, and not next year.

  • Megadri 123

    I swear the PS3 still feels like brand new at the moment. I’ve had my current one for nearly a year (After my old one broke after 4 years.) I think it’s nowhere near time to even think about a new console. PS3 has so much more potential that’s not been tapped into because of the feud between the Xbox. I shall be sticking to the PS3 until the catalog on the PS4 either includes the PS2 games or exceed that of the PS3

  • Rayanramadan1

    Sony must take their time to make the design perfect and also some people didn’t buy ps3 so Sony must release the console maybe like in 2013-2014, and they should really figure somethin out other than blu-ray because the price of a cd is to expensive!!!

    • dc

      Are you insane! Rage took 3 dvd’s to play on the xbox and councles are extreamly old… I own a ps3 and hardly any of the games does full 1080p my pc goes above and beyond 1080p! When the new concels come out they will have WAY more potential which means more data which means more DVD’s… Some games might take like 10 DVD’s if they keeped that. And with Blu-Rays getting cheapter they’re not that much more expensive than DVD’s. So get your head checked.

      • Download and play. No disk to keep track of, and no scratched.

        With my current speed I could download a 10GB game in 10-15 minutes. So in a few years when the next gen consoles come out I’m sure it will be faster. Lets see what console Apple has to offer, the iPlay will probably be a big hit.

        So rather than dealing with a disk, you quickly download even a 100GB game that you purchased a gamecode for at a retailer or just used a credit card to buy the game on the console’s market.

  • Sam

    Since I got mesylf a nice new gaming PC, I really don’t care about consoles anymore. If I ever get it, its gonna be long after the release, when it the price is next to nothing

  • Bob

    take your time