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Speculating PS Vita US release date, launch title clue

We already know that the PlayStation Vita will be released in Japan on December 17, but speculation still grows as to when Sony will release the PS Vita in the US. However, we might have some insight on this thanks to a launch title release. That date is March 6, 2012 for the game Street Fighter X Tekken, which as we already know is said to be one of the handhelds main games.

However, we should not take this as a date that the Vita will be released, it’s just a guideline really – so we know that it’s release will be no later than early March. Okay so this is not a specific date for you we know, we just thought that you would like to know it will be either in February, but then again Sony could surprise those in the US with a January launch – highly doubtful though?

Looking at this, it seems that Capcom is the only publisher to confirm a release date for a PlayStation Vita game title; we just hope that Street Fighter X Tekken isn’t a launch title as we have been told in the past. Never before have we been hoping that a game will not be released at the same time as a product launch, as it will mean that US gamers will have to wait another five months for Vita.

The smart money is still March, as this puts it in line with Sony’s Spring 2012 time frame. However, if you cannot wait that long, then you should be able to have one imported from Japan, who get theirs in December. We already have some great images of the retail box of this region free device, which you can see here.



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