Insight into Samsung Galaxy Nexus release date and price fears

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2011

We recently told you that we now have an October 19th date to look forward to for the official announcement of the Galaxy Neuxs smartphone, but now we have uncovered further information for you, with regards to a possible price and launch date.

The highly anticipated device will now be shown off in Hong Kong during the AsiaD conference on October 19th, but according to a new Verizon MAP chart that has been obtained by Droid-Life, we now have ideas on a possible price for the device.

If the information shown in the chart is correct, consumers should be prepared to pay $299 for the Galaxy Nexus, on a two-year contract with Verizon. Furthermore, the chart also reveals a starting MAP period date of 10th November. This is by no means the final launch date, but it doesn’t rule it out either. Considering that the unveil is scheduled for October 19th, a release on November 10 doesn’t seem out of the question at all.

The question you may now need to think about though is: ‘Would I be willing to pay $299’ for a handset, on top of all the inevitably expensive calling and data plans that Verizon will offer for the device. Don’t forget that there will be no unlimited data deal for new customers so things are bound to get expensive per month for you, on top of the $299 that you’re handing to Verizon instantly.

Out of interest, the Droid Bionic also came in at $299 at launch on Verizon, so we doubt there’s any chance of Verizon’s argubly best handset to date coming in at $199. As always, you may want to hold off from pre-ordering the device, as you’ll probably see a collection of online retailers cut the price of the Galaxy Nexus significantly in order to secure your sale and make things a little more attractive for you.

Would you be willing to pay $299 for the device or not? For comparison purposes, the new iPhone 4S is only $199 on contract.

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  • I will pay $500 for the phone. Not going to get locked into contracts with these awful carriers.

  • Ffitchner

    I think 299 wont be a deal breaker but 399 would. Alot more phone than the 4s and apple users that are in contract will want to jump to the 5 on release and will loose more than the 100 difference to keep up with the nexus. Also I think 299 is the correct price because people are funny when it comes to price. If it is higher priced it is “conceived” as nicer, better, faster regardless.