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Impressive Droid RAZR HD (Spyder) specs, targets iPhone 4S

You have to hand it to Motorola, they have certainly made an impact since joining the Android fold a few years back with their Droid handset, but now they have greater competition so have to come out fighting with every new release. This is just what they are doing with the Droid RAZR (Spyder), which will get its launch debut called faster, thinner, smarter, stronger at the same time as Samsung’s Ice Cream Sandwich event next Tuesday, which is when they are expected to launch the Nexus Prime.

That’s not all, it seems that BGR was able to confirm the specs, and while they look impressive, they look to be a direct shot at the iPhone 4S and not other Android handsets. Although they would stand a better chance going after the Galaxy S II or even the Prime, as 4S sales have been out of reach for a number of Android handsets put together.

The processor will run at 1.2GHz, that’s 400MHz faster than the 4S, as she’s been de-clocked. Then there is 1GB of RAM, which is twice as much as you get from Apple’s latest version of their smartphone. However, recent benchmark results show that the 4S can hold its own against other smatphones on the market thanks to how iOS 5 integrates and uses the hardware.

The Motorola Droid RAZR (Spyder) is said to be the thinnest LTE phone on the market, but we have yet to see what the Nexus Prime will look like. The final bit of spec information is the screen, we do not know what kind it will be, but we can tell you that it will be 4.3 inches in size.

Which handset do you think Motorola should target, the Prime or the 4S, let’s be practical shall we?



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