Skyrim: If you spend two hours only, there’s something wrong with you

By Alan Ng - Oct 14, 2011

We have some pretty surprising news to bring you now, although it will probably be deemed as irrelevant for hardcore Elder Scrolls veterans. It has just been confirmed that upcoming game Skyrim can be completed in a mere two hours if one chooses to opt for a speed run of the game.

We highly doubt that when you pick up Skyrim for the first time on November 11th, you are going to aim to finish it in the quickest time possible, that just doesn’t make sense, especially when Skyrim is the type of game that you end up spending 300+ hours on – well that was the case for us on Oblivion anyway.

To those of you that are interested though, Bethesda has given the game a speed run in their traditional speed run championships, and the winning time from start to finish in Skyrim was 2 hours, 16 minutes and 10 seconds, achieved by Bethesda’s QA man, Sam Berstein. The closest contender to this time was Jeff Brown who is one of the level designers for Skyrim – he managed it in just 20 seconds less, a time of 2:16:30 – talk about a close call.

[Bethesda’s speedrun champion]

In reality, players are probably going to find the hundreds of side-quests more exciting than the main storyline in Skyrim, just like in Oblivion. You could probably agree that Oblivion had a pretty dull storyline, so we’re hoping that Bethesda has spiced things up a little this time in Skyrim. Spending just two hours with a game of Skyrim’s calibre is just not right though, so as we mentioned above, if you do choose to do this – there’s probably something wrong with you.

Having said that, we reckon there’s going to be a fair few challengers who will want to beat that speed run time of 2:16:10 set by Bethesda, just for the sake of it. This will probably come after players have spent a good portion of their lives playing Skyrim properly, and the speed run may serve as a good challenge to aim for when players get bored.

A two hour storyline in Skyrim folks, what do you make of it? Are any of you going for the speed run straight away on November 11?

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  • Anonymous

    Oblivion’s speed run was done in half the time just over an hour I think, so if thats anything to go by i’ll still be expecting a pretty decent main questline.

  • Markwalch76

    speed run or not, 2 hours for a main storyline is unforgivable in a game like this. Or any game come to think of it but luckily I play these types of games for the tons of content and sidequests so thats its reedeeming feature right there for me.

  • Ma’iq


  • wow just in 2hours? unbelievable hahahha ill try complete the game in 2hours then new record for now ^^ hahahahaha