Samsung Galaxy Nexus to get 4G LTE and new ICS feature at AsiaD 2011?

By Alan Ng - Oct 14, 2011

We have yet more clues on what the final name or the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime will end up being for Google and Samsung’s next big smartphone launch. The device has shown up yet again on Verizon’s internal systems, ahead of an inevitable announcement on October 19th in Hong Kong.

We told you here that it was heavily rumored that Google and Samsung has now chosen the AsiaD 2011 event in Hong Kong on October 19th to unveil their latest and possibly greatest product. Ice Cream Sandwich will also debut at the event of course, with Google even dropping hints that it is going to be an event worth watching in terms of new features for their software.

As for the final retail name though, it looks likely that it will be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, rather than the Samsung Nexus Prime. The device has shown up on Verizon’s system, shown in a screenshot below courtesy of Droid-Life.

Although you may be disappointed in the fact that the Galaxy Nexus will not be a global device, you’ll be more pleased that along with Verizon’s collection of Droid handsets, the Galaxy Nexus will also be a 4G LTE-supported device, in case you had any doubts.

There’s not much more information to be revealed now, as we are just five days away from the big announcement. Google hasn’t confirmed yet whether they will be holding a separate event during AsiaD to showcase the new Galaxy Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich, or if the unveil will come during Andy Rubin’s scheduled speech at the event. Either way, we pumped for the announcement and we’re guessing the majority of Android fans are eagerly waiting the unveil as well.

After seeing what Apple has to offer with the iPhone 4S, are you still confident that the Galaxy Nexus can turn out to be better? You never know, Google may even announce a new version of voice controls for Ice Cream Sandwich, to compete directly with Siri – let’s hope it has better detection for foreigners though!

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  • So the nexus prime isnt a global device but the mighty i4s is. Also the battery life on the i4s is very good but on the Samsung your lucky to get a day out of it using all of its marvellous features. Forget slim and sexy if it aint got decent battery life whats the point. I’d much prefer solid,well built and chunky with a decent battery life. Atleast Samsung should give customers the option of being able to buy a Long Life battery even if it makes the phone slightly thicker-who cares?

  • Ffitchner

    Too bad it will probably have the Samsung name on it. Still a sour taste with us Samsung galaxies series users as we remember well how one of the best hardware devices fell victim to the worst software support and update lacking device on the market. Many of us vowed to dump future Samsung products in the future in protest. Is the name now a dealbreaker for many??? It isn’t for me however the sour taste will remain.

    • Anonymous

      As a flagship Nexus device, software updates comes directly from Google — not Samsung. After owning a Nexus S 4G, I will not stray away from the Nexus series, EVER. Can’t wait to see the new device and OS next week. And can’t wait to get my hands on it!!