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iPhone 4S: Siri accent problem sparks mass debate

Those of you who are planning to get the iPhone 4S, but have a far from perfect English accent, it looks like you may run into trouble in getting Siri, Apple’s new voice control feature to work effectively. We have a video to show you now which demonstrates what we’re talking about.

If you are due to receive your iPhone 4S this Friday at the first opportunity, you’ll probably know that Siri only has support for five countries for the time being – English for UK, US and Australian consumers, and also support for French and German as well.

Now then, the video we have to show you gives an example of how Siri functions when being dealt with voice commands by a Japanese fan who doesn’t speak perfect English. His repeated command ‘what weather for today’ comes up with failed results every single time, prompting a mass debate over at 9to5mac that his English simply isn’t good enough.

We’ve seen opinions such as ‘I can’t even understand his English, so how can a computer?‘, which may be deemed as slightly harsh as he still says the words ‘what weather’ pretty clearly and you may argue that Siri should be able to pick up on these two words at least. Obviously his grammar is all over the place, but it does pose an interesting thought for those consumers who can’t speak perfect English, but are looking to try out Siri as soon as they can.

Naturally, we want to know what your opinions are on this situation. Is his English simply not good enough, or do you expect Siri to be able to deal with such an accent? We have a second video to show you as well, which gives us an idea how Siri responds to an Australian accent, courtesy of Gizmodo. Check out both videos below and let us know what you think on the accent debate.

Who is in the wrong here?



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