Batman Arkham City: Temptation overdrive with 15 minute gameplay leak

By Alan Ng - Oct 14, 2011

Within the last 24 hours, we informed you about the disappointing news that Batman Arkham City had leaked into torrent form, allowing modded Xbox 360 owners to download the game online at their discretion. Now, the first 15 minutes of the game has been uploaded online.

Obviously, this is now becoming a popular trend in the video games industry for the first 15 minutes of a game to leak a few days before release. Batman Arkham City is no different and it was almost inevitable after the realization that Rocksteady’s hard work had leaked onto torrent sites almost a week before the official release date.

There’s plenty of spoilers here as you can imagine, so perhaps this video only serves as a purpose for gamers who are not picking up Arkham City, but are interested, or for those who just want to take a look at early footage regardless. The video begins with a cutscene introducing players into the game and then Batman realizing that he has his work cut out if he is going to protect his identity to the public – that’s all we’re saying.

One more thing – the quality of the game is looking absolutely fantastic from a design point of view, and it’s easy to see why the game has already been awarded a few perfect review scores from the likes of Game Informer and the Official PlayStation Magazine.

If you can’t bear it anymore and want to see an excellent preview of Batman Arkham City before release, head to this Polish website as the video is located there. If you do watch it, give us your opinions on it afterwards and let everyone know how good the game is looking.

Has this video alone decided that Batman Arkham City is a must-have game when it releases on October 18 We believe so.

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  • Dynasty2021

    I’m adamant that leaks these days are good for business.

    ”Oh no, I ”left” the new iPhone in a bar boss.”

    Deus Ex Human Revolution was leaked as a preview build which was like the first 1/4 of the game, meant for journalists.

    Essentially a really long demo became available as a torrent.  And it was bug-free, and downloaded alot.

    And the game sold awesomely, BECAUSE of people who had downloaded it saying how awesome it was and that the PC version was not just another port, which worried alot of people as Deus Ex was meant to be a PC exclusive.

    Demos are essential these days, as people will be more annoyed at a change in gameplay after they have bought the game than if they played it and didnt buy it.

    You dont buy a car without a test drive.

    Yes, games are only £25-50 which is hardly the price of a new car, but we still want to test them as they will probably be played for years.

    And review embargos are infuriating.  Reviews come out the day of the game’s release, which is too late if you pre-ordered as the game is about to arrive at your door after being sent 2 days ago.

    So when the reviews give it 5/10, you probably dont want it anymore and have to go throug the hassle of sending it back or trading it in, wasting your money and driving you to piracy to try-before-you-buy.

    I pirated Dead Island, Fifa 12, but will be buying this as Batman is awesome and it’s made by a new up-and-coming British company, Rocksteady, and the Arkham Asylum was simply an awesome game as it was so different.

    And the reviews coming in for Arkham City suggest it’s perfect.  Unmissable.

    Shame its comiing out in the best Q3 the industry has arguably ever seen, most people will only buy 2 or 3 games, maybe even 1.  Thats going to be Fifa 12, CoD and Battlefield here in the UK if you look at the pre-order charts.

    • Dazzle

      you base your game purchase on other peoples opinion?  strange….