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Most effective Gears of War 3 weapon, not all about shotguns

There has been much talk as to what is the most effective Gears of War 3 weapon, and for the most part it is the shotgun, but it’s not all about them – well maybe in multiplayer. For those of you who know your guns, the Sawed-Off is very effective in close range, but if you are after anything in the distant, then forget it.

Lee Perry, the man behind designing GoW 3 has been sharing details with OXM, and seems to have a thing for the shotgun, having used them in many games they can do a job well, but would you want to go around using the same weapon – talk about boring? We do worry that Gears of War 3 (here’s list of mutators) is a game about Gnashers, but this is a personal opinion, will be interesting to see what weapon you will prefer.

Fans of the game fear that there is not a balance between rifles and shotguns, but one thing is certain, you will need to change your tactics when playing. However, this has raised a question that those who are so used to using a Gnasher will be able to wipe the floor with a player with hardly no skill at all, as this would become boring in multiplayer – isn’t this the same with every game like this?

However, what Gears of War 3 will do is make you better as a player, as you are forced too. No longer can you run around and kill a person that is much better than you, you need to earn that right. However, a one-weapon game does not sound that interesting to me, how about you?



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