Live Hyundai Eon launch event, expectations high

The unveiling of the Hyundai Eon is about to begin in India, and we have found where you can get live coverage of the launch event that is taking place in Delhi. It will take place in the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon, and is expected to become a rival to the popular Maruti Suzuki’s Alto. The 814cc petrol engine is certainly a draw for Indian drivers, as there is not much need for engines with a huge displacement.

Expectations are very high for the Eon, and for good reason. However, the success of the car will depend on many things, but the most important being the price. There is speculation that the price will be around Rs 2.5 lakh, and for that you get a car that is not short on features and a stunning interior – although the exterior is equally nice.

There won’t be much power from that small engine, but this would be impractical on many of India’s roads, it is for this reason why sales should impress Hyundai India. So that price and the 21.1 kmpl when compared to that of the Alto’s 19.73 kmpl should in theory force its rival down.

OnCars is there now ready to start live blogging during the event; it’s like their version of an Apple keynote. They also offer you updates on both Facebook and Twitter. Finally all the speculation will be put to rest on specs, price and an official launch date. How will the Hyundai Eon fare in this tough Indian market?

Update: It’s live as we speak



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