iOS 5 iPad problems, removes feature

By Peter Chubb - Oct 13, 2011

For most, iOS 5 has been a very welcome update, but there have been a few issues, which we will go into a little later. Those with an iPad have been excited to get this latest version of Apple’s iOS software. However, we need to warn you that if you update, then it actually removes a feature, multitouch. One has to wonder how they can do this?

We have to stress that this only applies to the original iPad, but the loss of four and five-finger gestures will no longer be available to you. My wife has the iPad 1, and I cannot ever remember seeing her use mulitouch – maybe the feature will not be missed that much after all? Although Phones Review does say that the iPad does feel a little less useful without it.

If you are not bothered about this feature then you should upgrade now, if you haven’t done so already. There is only the one con to do so, but there are many pros, such as being able to use iMessage, Notifications, Reminders, Twitter notification and many more. However, it is the iMessage feature that is the icing on the cake for my wife and most other original iPad owners.

Talking of that iOS 5 problem, it took myself four attempts to get it installed. It said that there was some sort of internal error, after having that message coming up after three tries, I then decided to restore the phone to default. Again it did not work, it was then that I came to the realization that OS X Lion needed to be updated to the latest version.

I do hope that is of help to you, as I’m sure that some of you had the same problem?

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  • Ski Patrol

    I loaded iOS 5 and it came with an error and now iTunes doesn’t see my iPad2 and even Device Manager doesn’t show it as connected.  I’ve tried reinstalling iTunes but nothing fixes this.  Anyone who might have an idea, comment back please.

  • Mavster

    I am an Ipad 1 user, I cant get twitter to appear in my notifications and i cant set the location in the reminders app – any ideas?

  • well it certainly doesn’t remove “multitouch” or you wouldn’t be able to resize pictures using two fingers anymore. it might remove gestures though.
    on another note, how’s performance on the original iPad?

  • Ken Levinson

    Can you dig a bit deeper into Apple’s motives in not making multitasking gestures available to its most devoted users, those of us early adopters who bought iPad 1s? It’s clear from chat room chatter that there are no legitimate technical reasons for this, so can you please find out if 1) Apple intends to fix this problem by way of a patch, or 2) they are going to maintain (falsely) that there is a technological glitch preventing this from working? Thanks!

  • Keiz32

    does the apple5 have an app for world wide golf courses ?