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Halloween child safety with Trick or Tracker 2.0

The early dark nights are almost upon us, which means that it is soon time for Halloween. This is a time when children want to dress up and go out to do some trick or treating to get some candy. However, the worry is that some of them wish to go on their own or with a few friends. Thankfully help is at hand with Trick or Tracker 2.0, an app for Android.

With this app you will be able to track more than one child at a time, and if a child has veered away from their allowable perimeter or when they arrive at school or home you will be sent a notification. Children will moan that their parents do not trust them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The latest version of this up comes with a number of updates, but the one that stands out is the inclusion of Iconosys’ Guards Up and Latchkey Kid. These geo location technologies will allow for more precise tracking of your child. This does make sense to have something like this installed in your offspring’s handset, as most of them have a smartphone with them at all times.

Trick or tracker is not just for Halloween though, as it can be used throughout the year, but it is that time of the year where you worry about your child the most. The price of the app is just $4.99; we know that this is more expensive than other apps, but you cannot put a price on your child’s safety. However, if you visit on Halloween you can download the app for free.



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