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Xbox Live update for 360 takes a page out of Sony’s book

We have some important news for Xbox 360 owners now, as we can confirm that a new system update for Microsoft’s console is now available. However, before you get excited, this isn’t the planned major Fall update to the dashboard which we told you about yesterday.

Instead, it’s actually a very boring update and one which PlayStation 3 owners will know well – the infamous system maintenance update which adds no functionality to the console whatsoever.

However, although no features are listed, you can bet that this update serves as a key purpose in getting the console ready for the huge Fall update that is set to drop towards the end of November – on Black Friday if previous rumors are accurate. That update is set to bring a wealth of new features to the 360, including a brand new user interface in the style of Windows Phone 7, plenty of new video content and also improved Silverlight support to add new functionality to Kinect support around the dashboard.

Unfortunately, this update prompt that you see on your system now is nothing more than a tease, which is why we mentioned PlayStation 3 owners since they have been getting the same style of system updates for months, with no new features.

For those that are asking, yes this is a mandatory update so you will be forced to update your system even if you don’t want to. We’ve heard that some of you are complaining about poor download times for the update, but it wasn’t too bad for us. Perhaps the slow speed is due to everyone installing it at the same time, so trying to update it now for instance will probably serve you better and will install the update in a matter of minutes.

Did the update process go smoothly for you, or are you having problems? Are you waiting for some new Xbox features?



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