Sony Bravia recall: List of KDL-40 Model numbers affected – October 2011

By Alan Ng - Oct 13, 2011

If you own a Sony Bravia branded TV, we have some very important news to share with you now, as it has just been confirmed that the electronics giant is recalling some of their LCD TV models, due to a melting and fire hazard that has become apparent.

Sony has discovered that there are serious malfunctions in some of their 40-inch Bravia LCD models, forcing the company to announce a recall in Japan today, but with consumers affected in the US and UK too, since the televisions are sold worldwide.

According to a Japanese trade ministry statement, the recall was caused after a consumer called the fire department after witnessing smoke and a small fire from the affected TV set. No injuries have been reported yet, but there have been eleven incidents of overheating in these Bravia models, according to report over at Bloomberg.

It is thought that a issue related to the backlight system equipped in specific models are the main source of the problem, which can lead to the top of the TV melting. Sony has already issued a statement on the matter, which we can bring you direct from Sony’s website.

”’If you own one of these products and you notice any abnormality – unusual noise, unusual smell or smoking – please turn it off immediately and unplug the power cable”

Here’s the important information to note, as the model numbers associated with the affected televisions include the KDL-40D3400, KDL-40D3500, KDL-40D3550, KDL-40D3660, KDL-40V3000, KDL-40W3000, KDL-40X3000 and KDL-40X3500 models.

If you own one of the models listed above, you are strongly advised to contact your nearest Sony store and arrange for a free inspection or a free repair. Sony’s support website also lists additional information on the recall, including contact numbers in case you want to get in touch with Sony directly.

Do you own a Sony Bravia TV? If so, give us your thoughts on this.

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  • frustrated

    My Sony TV Model # KDL-40S5100 just died suddenly without any symptom. I can’t turn it on. no power at on. I boght it 7 year ago with a little use

  • Marcia Martins

    Last Christmas my company held a raffle and I won a Sony Bravia KDL-40R308B. Lucky me, when we plugged it in we smelled burnt rubber. We got it to work and the smell dissipated, so I kept mum not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth or seem ungrateful at work. Now 10 months later the TV will not turn on after very light use. I changed batteries on the remote and tried the ON button on the side of the TV but nothing. Let me tell you, I don’t thing built in obsolescence is the way to go. It’s not sustainable to the environment, or your bottom line Sony.

  • Beth G. Tesi

    Sony Bravia LCD TV – KDL-40S4100
    Wow! Bad burning smell then went black. Shame on Sony for Not having this model on the Recall list. Many people having issues with Sony TV’s. Paid almost $2,000 for a TV that lasted 3 1/2 years. Will NEVER buy another Sony product again. Again SHAME on you Sony!

  • Concerned conservative

    I own a Sony Bravia KDL-40S4100. There is a burning smell in in NOW! I need help!

    • Beth G. Tesi

      Sony Bravia LCD TV – KDL-40S4100
      Bad burning smell then went black. Shame on Sony for Not having this model on the Recall list. Many people having issues with Sony TV’s. Paid almost $2,000 for a TV that lasted 3 1/2 years. Will NEVER buy another Sony product again. Again SHAME on you Sony!

      • Concerned conservative

        Beth. I don’t have any idea why, but Sony made it right with me. There are a lot of companies that wouldn’t do what they did. I’ll leave it there.

  • blue moon

    I’m a Sony Bravia model no: KDL-40X3500 user,
    the lcd tv has an issue, it’s smelt very bad, no screen display and power led gets off after 3 sec into red.
    SONY will be repaire but it’s very expensive.

    What can I do, we have used for 4 years.

    Kind Regards,
    Blue Moon

  • LH

    I own a Sony Bravia KDL-52W4100 and paid $2,300. I thought I bought a quality television. I now have double images on the right hand side of the screen.
    I will never, never buy another Sony product.

  • Tim

    Bought a Sony Bravia model KDL-55EX621 and it just stopped working 25 months later.
    Sony offered two options, referring me to a Sony TV repair store (which charges way too much to fix, not worth it) or 15% off my next Sony TV purchase! This is the second Sony TV that has failed just after the manufacturers warranty. I like Sony products in general, but their televisions are junk. Anyone reading this, please DO NOT BUY A SONY TELEVISION, YOU WILL JUST WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • Duper

    I have a PIECE OF S#1! SONY KDL-46S4100, MANUFACTURED APRIL 2008, SERIAL # 1006190. There are a bunch of recalls on some of the KDL models except for mine. I’m open for suggestions. It has a dark shaded lines at the bottom and any writing that goes across the bottom is doubled or tripled. Sometimes the lines go half way up the tv horizontally. It doesn’t matter if I am using cable, antenna or just dvd box. Does anyone know of a fix for it?

    • Daniel Marcil

      Similar problem with mine too! KDL-46S4100 May 2008 Serial:1700156 Made in Mexico. Je vois une image ombragé à la droite de l`écran et tous les images se transposes en double ou en triple et vont jusqu’à mi-chemin de la télé horizontalement. Any suggestions?

  • Lucian Negoiu

    Bought a Sony Bravia 3D LCD LED TV KDL-40EX720 (cost 1100usd in march 2011). 15 months later it has a 4 blink’s on red led Black screen no sound).Repair cost 80 usd in Omicron Service in Romania.I bought Sony because of it’s history of “quality” products and I want a tv that will work for years to come….Sony has lost all credibility, as far as I am concerned. I will never buy their products again!
    My old LCD TV AOC L32W451B works for 7 years without any issue.

  • not_happy

    Bought a Sony LCD TV KDL-40S4100. 3 years later it has a 3″ wide blue streak down the right side of the screen. However, my cheaper (never heard of at the time) Insignia has given good service for about 6 years now. Guess what brand I’ll buy when I replace the Sony, if I can’t get it fixed at a reasonable price.

  • Pete

    I have a model KDL 40BX 421 and it is turning on and off by itself and the picture is flickering then goes dim. I am starting to believe the parts inside are all interchangeable between models as evidenced by the software versions installed on the boards. This should be investigated and reported immediately. I think all Sony 40 inch models are defective.

  • Devinbriggs

    I have a sony bravia kdl40ex500, mine didn’t overheat, but the screen just went out and can’t be turned on. This has happened to me twice and they won’t cover it this time. Their new customer service sucks ass.
    Ive only had the tv for a year. I barely use it. So dissapointed. Now I just have a 40″ piece of plastic mounted on my wall. Don’t know what to do. Any tips would be appreciated…

  • LEM

    I have 3 Bravia TV’s, my KDL40w3000 is involved in the overheat/fire  recall. A Sony TV tech. will come this week to my home and inspect it .If they say its OK i will keep marshmallows next to my bed, if it over heats i will cook them for a snack if it lights on fire when i am not home i will cry.  Not sure i would buy another Bravia.

  • Bat1645

    I bought a Sony Bravia KDL 55 NX720 3 months ago-Love the TV–now it turns off on it’s own.  They told me the service dept would call back with my options.  Then their International Dept called back-never talked to a service tech.  They refuse to do a service call-said the problem is the LCD panel and is unavailable.  They have no idea when they will get the part.  
    Sony wants to replace it with a refurbished TV after I only explained the 4 blinking red lights and it turning off. I asked them how they know what is wrong with the TV they said they know from what I told them over the phone.  From what I have found out through research, there are many versions of what is causing the problem.  It looks like Sony just wants to get rid of me without ever trying to service the TV.  They refuse to service it and said they can only give me a refurbished replacement by FEDEX.  I am working on notifying every executive at Sony I can reach.  If it wasn’t for the Gorilla Glass, I wouldn’t have gone to Sony.   My old Panasonic ran for 20 years.  What a waste!  A lot of money down the drain if I can’t fix it-I did get a service agreement, so that company has made an exception to set up a service call for me.  We will see how it goes

  • Don

    We purchased a KDL-40XBR7 in 2009 as an update for a 10 year old tv (different manufacturer) that was still working fine.

    The panel failed this June.  Sony offered a choice of replacing the panel for 2500 dollars, a refurbished tv with a 90 day warranty for 359 dollars , or just throw it away

    I think the least Sony should have done was offer a shoice of either a new tv at something like half price or an extended warranty of at least a year.

    Bottom line:  Sony feels no responsibility for their (I assume) rare failure,  or care about their customer or reputation.  

  • Gen

    I paid $1850 for a 46 inch BRAVIA model KDL – 46V4100.  In less than a year there were horizontal white bands about 3 inches apart going across the screen.  Shortly thereafter, double images occured on the right side and self corrects after 20 minutes.  After several months, half the screen is dark and with the double image which also corrects itself after 20 minutes.  I was told by the repair service that Sony recommended, that it is not worth paying the money for the fix.  There should be a recall for the inferior product with the known problems.  We should all post on the retailers web sites about our problems with Sony Bravia.  I feel I have been taken as a consumer.  I expected it to last longer than a year.

    • Liz

      exact same issues

  • Gnkrobertson

    In January of 2009 we purchased the KDL52W4100 TV for $1,811.57.  The TV is located in our front room and is turned on infrequently.  We turned on the TV on Memorial Day and there were vertical lines about two inches apart running across the screen.  We contacted Sony Support and were told it could possibly be an LCD problem and we would need to call a technician.  We contacted Protech Electronics and the tech looked at the problem and said that we needed a new panel at a cost of $2,100.00 (for the panel only); including all labor costs, the repair would be $2,360.00!  That is approximately $550.00 more than we paid for the TV!  The tech suggested that we call Sony because a few times he has seen Sony pay for the panel since this is a problem that he sees quite often.  In reading message boards, it appears that this is a problem that happens very frequently and it appears that Sony has alot of dissatisfied customers. Upon contacting Sony and speaking to several customer service reps, we talked with Norbert who offered to sell us a refurbished Sony TV at a cost of approximately $700.00 plus a 6 month warranty.  Seriously, this is a slap in the face!  Why do I want to pay another $700.00 for a TV that is noted for having problems.  I realize our TV is three years old but that is still a relatively new TV especially when it is watched rarely.  Needless to say, we are very upset.  We have been loyal Sony customers for 30+ years–purchasing several TVs, DVD players, Blu-Ray players, and portable DVD players, but we won’t purchase any in the future.  If anyone reading this is considering purchasing a Sony TV….DON’T!!!!  We replaced this TV with a Samsung. 

  • Prreveil

    Have a 46″ SONY Bravia MODEL # KDL-40SL140. Screen is gray and does not show any picture. Is anybody having this problem? And, do you know if this model is on recall?

  • Ritacherrie

    Really shocked to hear all these bad reviews as I have bought several sony products over the years with no problems.
    However my sony bravia 40inch tv  keeps switching itself off for  3 seconds and then on every now and again.

  • Reneepatterson

    Bought my Sony KDL32EX500 in June 2010 and have been happy with the picture, but it is once again out of action. The ‘7 blinks signal’ is actually a false overheating fault in the TV, not a power surge, according to the techie who fixes them. The first time, 9 months ago, it righted itself after unplugging and then plugging in again. This time, no such luck, even after 3 days. It will have to be taken away for repair. How long it will take, nobody can tell me. No replacement TV of course! Luckily it is still under an extended (very expensive) warranty, but Sony has lost all credibility, as far as I am concerned. I will never buy their products again!

    • Antonio

      Hi, did you finally fix your TV? I have the 7-blink issue and cannot find answers. Thanks.

  • Amcmahon8

    I own a Sony Bravia 40.. The sound and Picture constantly turn off. Sometimes the Picture comes back on but the Sound does not. The only way to fix it is to turn off the cable box and then back on. Thinking it was the cable box, I swapped the cable boxes, and also cable services, again different cable boxes.. Same issues… Really Sucks.. Had the TV over 2 years thinking that it is the HD cable service.. Had TV tech replace Main board (thank you for getting X-Warranty) Still doing it… Replaced the HDMI cables too..
    About ready to turn it into a 40″ Paper weight.

  • Bill

    P.O.S.And so are the execs. who profit from the garbage they are selling.

  • Bill

    P.O.S.  A

  • Smith_haleiwa

    i own two sony model numbers with recal .What do I do now since recall has been established??

  • Schmitt2k

    i have a 46″ Bravia that takes a while to warm up (wont show a picture), about a half hour, then you have to shut it off  and turn it back on for the picture to appear. Then the right side of the screen is fuzy and it has lines that go horizontal  with some what of a darker picture…..and clues..

  • Not sure what Model # I have, I’m at work right now, But the issue I have is, My screen turns solid green, I have to turn off the TV then back on to get rid of it, tried to call the company, NO help there, It is a Sony 52″ bravia, I have swithched out the cable box and everything else, thinking that was the issue, But it’s the TV, any Ideas ?

  • We bought a Bravia KDL 55V 5100 2 years ago.  The sound drops off frequently, and if you pause the broadcast or roll back with the DVR 30 seconds the sound comes back.  Sony sent software update that did nothing.  Overall, dissatisfied with Sony products.

  • Disappointed

    I own a KDL-S2000. I payed $1,949.94 ! Bought it May 29, 2006, and it went out for the fourth time in June. I am ready for my 5th TV, but I will never buy another Sony ! They refused to take care of the problem !!!  

    • Disappointed


  • Nina

    I own a KDL-32V2000.  After two years I lost the digital channels.  After 6 months it does it again. Its a lemon.  Will not buy Sony Bravia again.
    retired lady from woollahra

  • Nina

    I own a KDL-32V2000.  After two years I lost the digital channels.  After 6 months it does it again. Its a lemon.  Will not buy Sony Bravia again.
    retired lady from woollahra

  • Lonniewhite

    I own a KGL32L-5000 > My sound on my set has stop working > Any suggestion ?

    • Doubbll4545

      dude i own a KDL-40S5100 and my sound just went out now its only two years old

  • Oldfarts

    I always bought Sony because they were a good product, now they are a piece of crap. My KDL 46s4100 went out because of the recalled panel but Sony didnt list MY model number so they wont fix it even though the part was defective. We Sony owners need a class action on them.

  • Pat55789

         I have a 32 inch and 26 inch Sony Bravia. Are these not included in the recall?

    • Mjuenem


  • Valerieweise

    My Bravia XBR7 went bad after 2.5 years.  Dark shadow on screen and a back light flash when you just turn on the TV diagnosed as bad T-con board – No replacement for board.  Sony do not make anymore. TV need to be put into trash

  • sony is crap

    Sony bravia is worst produc ever, after 3 years 4 inch green line apeared on left side and it won’t go away. after reading posts, there is no easy fix to this. don’t by sony crap since it won’t last long. Have another tv sharp for 6 years and still works as charm and it was much cheaper the sony.

  • Steve (Pittsburg, Kansas)

    I have the KDL-40HX701.  Glad to see it is not on the list.  Love Sony products and this one has not dissappointed me.  I have a sound problem with just one channel…ESPN2.  I change to Theater Mode and the sound goes up but the screen looses some of it’s crispness. I bought the tv at a reasonable price so I can’t complain. This model offers many (remote) options that I have not had on other makes.  My only regret is that I did not buy a 50″.

  • Flmc32

    I have the bravia kdl 46″. I bought the sorround sound and blue disk also.  I have issues with the internet, sound  and the image. I would not recommend the Bravia series. I paid over $3000 and honestly it is not worth it. I have spent Many hours with customer support on line and they never can figure out the problem.  

  • Lisaportier

    We have the 46 inch. Only had it for four years and the screen went.. Never buying another Sony because we have had this one repaired three times…

  • Ken in Calgary

    I’ve had the KDL32EX500 since January 2011 and it seems to work fine.

  • Pamelaslyman

    I’ve have a Sony 40 in love it but why does the volume go really loud on commercials? Honolulu

    • Joe

      That’s a network thing…They jack up the volume on commercials to (hopefully) get your attention!

    • Chris Inman

      Thats Not your TV is the Station you tv is on.

    • Ritacherrie

      the sound goes loud on adverts on every television in my house   I have 3 all different makes
      I think this happens to all tvs

    • Jill Morris

      Because it’s recorded at a different level , have you not noticed that even programmes will vary in sound

  • Josephevon

    Hi i have a kdl 40ex503 is this one of the call back tvs

  • Dakotah

    We’ve bought 4 Sony Bravias for ourselves and kids,3-40″& 1-46″.And a neighbor bought a 46″ on our recommendation. We all love them and have had no problems so far.-Dakotah

  • Magnum6103

    I have a 37 inch. model and yes you can feel the heat coming from the front of the TV, but I haven’t seen smoke yet.

    • Mjuenem

      37’s do not have the problem

  • Kriss Backstrom

    I have a 40″ model KDL 40S5100. I did not see this model # on the recall. Anyone had problems with this model ? I have had sound / volume issues. About three times in the past year I had to power off / on to get sound. Great picture.

    • J3ttamaster

      Check the Sony website, there’s downloadable updates for the LCDs, updating my tonight 🙂

    • Lsumom24

      We have had the same volume issues with our Sony. The only way we can resolve it is to turn the tv off and back on. I bought Sony because of it’s history of “quality” products and I want a tv that will work for years to come….

    • Bill

      Mine shuts off picture and sound, green power lamp stays on. Will come back on after awhile. Or I can turn it off an back  on, and it is good for another 5-10 min.

    • Doubll4545

      my sound just went out trying everything nothing worken sound has gone out b4 temp. would just turn off and back on and be ok pissed tv only 2 years old

  • Annie

    Have a 46″ and has a beautiful picture, no problems so far.  Very satisfied with the t.v.

  • Thesage

    The “younger” generation has been brainwashed into believing Japanese products are invincible.  Not true.  They fail just like other stuff.  Ask any service person.

  • Chickieheller

    I purchased a Sony Bravia LCD 40″ TV the end of April, 2011.  Although I do not have the recall model, the color started bleeding all throughout the screen, jumping up and down.  Sony  is replacing the TV with a REFURBISHED TV, not a new one.  Very disappointed in the product.

    • Alan Ng

      Thanks for the feedback.. Didn’t think Sony’s Bravia range were so prone to fault. This is suprising.

    • Shirleyfungirl

      I am guessing that affording the extra 500-600 dollars was not in your budget at the time of you bravia purchase.I have owned a 55 inch bravia for 2 years and as much as a hint of a problem with it.Beautiful picture and larger than life. The only reason i didn’t purchase a 65 inch bravia is i could’nt afford the extra 4500.00 dollars…i wasn’t in my budget and still isn’t.But think about it…3000.00 dollars for an extra 10 inches of screen is realy not right.

    • Juthaijo

      That’s terrible. I think you should refuse the refurbished TV. Sony should replace your Bravia with a brand new one. Your dealer probably thinks you’ll roll over and accept whatever they deliver. Perhaps a big sign on your front lawn or on top of your car would get their attention. Sure would be the last Sony product I’d ever buy and you need to let them know that. Good luck! Judy