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Phil Schiller could nail iPhone 4S Hong Kong release date at AsiaD 2011

For those of you who are interested in finding out the release date for the Hong Kong and China launch of the Apple iPhone 4S, we could be very close to finding out the date thanks to an upcoming event that Apple is scheduled to appear at.

We recently told you how the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich products may be unveiled at the 2011 AsiaD: All Things Digital event in Hong Kong on October 19th, but now we have confirmation that Apple’s Phil Schiller will also be attending the event as well.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing is a key member of Steve Jobs’ Apple team along with new CEO Tim Cook of course, and considering that Hong Kong and China were strangely omitted from the list of countries for the iPhone 4S launch event, we believe that AsiaD may be the location when Apple finally reveal a release date.

From a business perspective, Apple now sees Hong Kong and China as fresh markets to explore after recently opening Apple Stores in both countries. The Hong Kong store situated inside the IFC mall in Central is proving to be a hit with fans, with Apple themselves reportedly spending $20 million in construction costs.

If Apple do announce a release date for the iPhone 4S during Phil Schiller’s speech at AsiaD on October 19th, you can probably expect to see crowds similar to the ones gathered for the IFC store opening, as seen below:

US and UK consumers have no such problems of course since the iPhone 4S has now begun shipping and devices are set to reach consumers this Friday to meet Apple’s deadline. If you are living in Hong Kong at the moment and are trying to get your hands on an iPhone 4S, give us your thoughts on this below.

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