Patch 1.15 for Black Ops live, update concerns ahead of MW3

By Peter Chubb - Oct 12, 2011

PC gamers waiting for patch 1.15 for Black Ops will be happy to know that it has now gone live. This latest update comes just three weeks before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is due for release, which could become an issue. The reason is because Black Ops players fear that the new game could affect future updates of last year’s game.

It’s hard to know if there will be any more support, but we would guess not – then again we could be wrong. The PC version of Black Ops has always been one-step behind the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, and with patch 1.15 only just offering Mule Kick for zombies’ fans, it further cements its slow support.

It’s not all about the Mule Kick adjustment though, as there are a few other key feature updates, which are as follows. There were a number of exploits and glitches on the Zombie Moon map; these have now been resolved. The leaderboard in this map has also seen an improvement, so now new stats will not overwrite you old ones.

There is also an update for mods in multiplayer mode, which now gives you an increased menu asset limit. Some Call of Duty Community readers have been complaining that they still do not see Mule Kick, they tried to restart, still nothing. Have you had any issues with Black Ops Patch 1.15? Do you think that support for this almost year-old game will now come to an end due to the fact that MW3 is just round the corner?

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  • SigTauGimp

    I disagree, squall_boy. If it weren’t for Black Ops, I think that CoD may have gone the way of the Dodo. Treyarch put a breath of fresh air in what had become a stagnant franchise.

  • Anonymous

    Treyarch should just stop making the CoD games. They’re TERRIBLE.

  • Sam

    For PC Gamers, MW3 is Dead Already.

  • Fox Hound

    considering black ops is treyarch and mw3 is IW/sledgehammer i cant see why mw3 would effect black ops

    • lucius

      treyarch is making MW3 on wii

      • Fox Hound

        what does that have to do with post mw3 black ops support? Treyarch ill dedicate their wii team to manage the port, not their main team.