iOS 5 release time zones (Update): Now Live

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 12, 2011

Hitting the “check for update” button in iTunes 10.5 and waiting for the iOS 5 release time, which leaves you with a message that the download is still stuck on 4.3.5 is not fun, well let us help you feel a little less frustrated so you can go and relax and come back when the iOS 5 download will be live.

We know, like most people who’ve had every generation of iPhone, that the release time is likely to be 10am PST, which works out at 6pm in London, UK. When you look at all the updates over the years you’ll see that they’ve pretty much come out in a 30 minute window, which included minor updates like iOS 4.2 and 4.3, also more major updates like the iPhone 3rd generation firmware and iOS 4.

With this in mind we wanted to list our expected iOS 5 release time by zone, which are listed below by major areas/cities of the world. While we cannot be one hundred percent right, we’re around 99% sure.

So take note of your expected time, and go relax for a bit. As long as Apple release the new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch software today, you can almost bet that these will roughly be the times, giving 30-minutes or so. Keep updated with everything iOS 5 on this page here.

Update: iOS 5 has just gone live for download via iTunes.

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  • In california, it’s 10:30 am, you sure you guys got the times right?

  • Rather huge. 761 mb for an iPod Touch 4.

  • Cool. I am in Italy, now is 7 pm and right on time. Downloading now. Thanks for the schedule.

    • Coronawithlimem06

      I love italy this time of year!

  • Terente Alex

    13 min till installation.

  • Yun_yun

    Thank you so much! It’s only about 15 min late according to the table! Yeah~~~ ^^

  • T19DMAT


  • Matthew Messier


  • iNipponRyan97

    It’s officially live as of 1:05 PM. I’m currently downloading as I type, New York, USA time.

  • ohyeahh!

    singapore… downloading iOS5!!!

  • M1o9o8s3e

    Its live

  • Tyronehack

    Just went live in London. downloading now.

  • Coronawithlime06

    where is it? 1:04 east coast

    • Coronawithlime06

      Got it chiaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Iphonetech23

    its 1pm est … where is it 

    • Matthew Messier

      im downloading mine now

  • Matthew Messier

    constant clicking of “check for update” 

  • Matthew Messier

    30 seconds for me. well i hope. ^_^

  • Aaa

    1 minute to go 🙂

  • Ansantana28

    Is the update of ios 5 out yet?

    • iNipponRyan97

      No, in 30 minutes you’ll have it though.

  • Iveca

    what “#” it’s mean ????

  • Theios5god

    I got it!! haha IT LIVE 

    • iNipponRyan97

      Yeah right, I just checked. It’s not live, you really expected anyone to believe you. You probably just posted this to say that. And your name, Theios5god. Really, this just made the joke, or trolling clear. It’s not live, you’re just saying that to fool people, nice try, it didn’t fool me. Good luck next time. And please, learn some grammar, learn how to spell and stop using exclamation marks and capitals for everything. Waste of time…

      • Theios5god

         Spare me the grammar lesson u son of shakespeare. u sound like an illiterate idiot urself. take a hike!!

        • iNipponRyan97

          Son of Shakespeare? What is this some kind of joke. You know you’re making this up, you wouldn’t of just said that if you didn’t. I’m an illiterate idiot, yeah right. Look at your spelling! “u sound like an illiterate idiot urself.” What kind of grammar is that. I’m not related to Shakespeare or even care about him. Maybe your mind couldn’t handle not being rude in society, but at least make some sense or sound correct. Enjoy your little game of lying and trolling. It won’t work on me, I’m not an illiterate idiot. So you can take a hike!

    • Ansantana28

      is it out for real, are you eastern or central time

  • crashoverride

    it dont have my city so what i just go by the close’s city to me ?

  • Carlos-valoroso

    and for luxembourg??

  • snooze

    crap will have to wait till tomoz, devvo’ed

  • Tracylynn151

    Its really not that great. I got it at 4 am this morning. Kind of dissapointed.

    • iNipponRyan97

      Cool, I hope you will be more satisfied when you actually get it and not assume you have it. If you updated at 4:00 AM this morning, that would mean they released it at 2:00 AM in Cupertino, California. Apple has never done that with any of its updates for any of their devices. I think you’re talking about iCloud, which launched around that time at 3:00 AM. iOS 5 will be available at 1:00 PM EST, or 10:00 AM PDT. Update for real then. Good luck!

  • waiting for IOS 5

    So 1:00 pm EST, is confirm ?

  • Legowii

    Grrrrrr  i have to wait another 4 hours 🙁

    • Bob

      Get a life

  • @5058bdb3b16e752077b27c932fc2431f:disqus IT IS 6PM YOUR LOCAL TIME ..   FOR ME ITS 1300 SO 1PM LOCAL TIME

    • Landalanda

      Thank You!!! That is not till this afternoon:(

  • Bobby231

    T H A N K ………Y O U for this post !!!!!!

    • Landalanda

      what is 18 hr:

      • Asimmonds417

        6:00 pm

        • so heres a thought. why not imbed the realise time in to iTunes so it releases at midnight in each country so they’re not overloaded with downloads and people don’t have to wait all day for it.

        • Terente Alex

          here it is.:d

      • Fake

        military time, it’s a 24 hour clock

        • Rob UK

          It’s not military time, it’s 24 hours clock. If you have to ask what 1300 and 1800 hrs are then you must be american, as you cannot tell the time.

        • Anonymous

          Calm down dear, calm down…

        • Funny, but I’m American and know 24 hour time. guess your theory turned out to be all british huh?
          (i should explain but in America british is slang for “wrong”)

      • need IOS 5


    • Landalanda

      sorry 13 hr?

      • Asimmonds417

        1:00 pm