iOS 5 release: Midnight wonder’s, Twitter app update time

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 12, 2011

You can bank on the iOS 5 release time being within the next 24 hours, although the exact time is currently up for debate and some people are guessing that iOS 5 may be live at midnight.

Tradition has shown that the iDevice software updates normally release around 10am PST, which works out at 6pm GMT. This has been the way for a few years, although not everything goes to plan and we’ve seen some server errors and crashes on Apple’s part over the years.

Apple has learned from their mistakes and this year should offer a much more stable download, with less problems, well that’s our hope. One big new feature for 2011 is iCloud, and remembering the problems with the MobileMe launch, we’ll have our eye closely on the rollout over the coming hours and days.

Many apps are getting ready for the iOS 5 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In fact the process of making sure apps were ready has been going on for some time, although only today has Twitter updated their app to v3.50. Meaning it is time to update your Twitter app ready for enhancements in iOS 5.

What’s new in Twitter app version 3.5? You’ll find some minor enhancements and bug fixes, the added ability to tap a location on your iPad to show Tweets nearby, the design for direct messages has been updated on the iPad, and there is a completely enhanced sign up experience. The updated app can be downloaded via your iDevice, or on iTunes here. Let us know when you installed iOS 5 if you’ve got any problems with apps.

With more social integration in iOS 5, do you think 3rd party social apps are still needed, and if so which is your favorite?

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  • not true at all.  The first person facebook app is garbage.  I’m on board with the twitter app, but Friendly for Facebook is 25x better than the crap Facebook, inc. tossed out.

  • With so much data about to be poured into their servers, and so many people installing such a mammoth update, It would seem foolish not to release it at midnight. Or in the wee hours. That way they can curve the no-doubt overwhelming demand people will have for all their iOS devices (their is a lot of them).

  • Anonymous

    It’s going to depend on how well they did integrating them. I happen to be quite partial to Tweetbot.

  • Yankeehtr18

    With Twitter integration and Facebook’s app for iPad now out, third party apps aren’t needed anymore