iOS 5 download: Countdown to readiness, jailbreak issues

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 12, 2011

Getting ready for the iOS 5 download in time should be pretty simple, and following on from our posts on the iOS 5 countdown, we wanted to touch on what to do when things have gone a little wrong with your Apple device.

You may have seen that iTunes 10.5 has gone live and maybe that software is already installed on your system, which means you are ready and waiting for the iOS 5 update to go live for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch then you find out the device is bricked, or in our case on a developer device, the software would not restore, or enter normal running mode.

In most cases this would mean your device is bricked, but there is no need to worry as in most cases it’s pretty easy to get fixed and ready for the pending update.

If you try and reset and nothing works, turn off your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Then hold down the home button and with it still pressed, connect to a computer and you’ll see your iDevice enter DFU mode. You should be able to restore now without any problems. If you’re looking for the iOS 5 download time then we recommend you check out our earlier post that shows you how to find out the moment it goes live.

This checklist will also help you get ready. Are you hitting the update button a lot to see if the update is live yet, or are you using social networks? In most most cases a simple jailbreak problem or bricked device can be fixed with the above tip, but if you know another way feel free to share. Apple iPhone 3GS users may want to read how this device gets a new lease of life with the new software, thanks to some pretty cool results in tests.

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  • no need

    Downloading right now its slow

  • Kha Do

    iOS 5 is not ready yet only just iTunes 10.5 is up. Don’t know how long will Apple let us to update the Iphone

  • guest

    when will ios 5 release aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  • Hat

    iOS 5 final is out already !!! Updated my iPad 2 last night !!!! Looking for the jailbreak now :))

  • Hazzzer

    18 minutes!!!

    • Rhallquest

      Really is it going to be at 3am?

  • JakeLewisF1

    im still waiting in the UK :/


    im wating for it on my ipad 2 and iphone 4 

  • andi kaye

    people just plug your idevice in click on your device then go to check for update and check ever so often 🙂


    do u no what time ios5 is out ?

  • Trisha

    what time will it be released in the uk?

    • andi kaye

      hopefully sometime in the next few hours… am waiting for it for the ipad 2 😛

      • Evilgreenrnrabbit

        mew too.. i cant wait for my darn 4.3.5 to be updated to this ios5 for my ipad.  been living with a non jailbroken  ipad..

        • guest

          me too my ipad 2 hasn’t been jailbroken 4.3.5