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iCloud login live before iOS 5 download

For those anxiously waiting for iCloud to go live, then you will need to wait for iOS 5 – or do you? It seems that you can go directly to the website and login from there. However, if you wish to gain access via desktop or mobile access, then you will still need to wait and download iOS 5 and OS X Lion 10.7.2, which will be released later today.

The iCloud website has been live for a few hours now, and understandable people have been trying to get in. Go there and have a look now, you will see that Apple has dropped beta from the website – something that is certainly nice to see. Remember to have your Apple ID and password to hand, as you will need that to gain access.

There seems to be a mixed reaction, some of our readers have been telling us that they are able to login, but have had a few issues with non-supported browsers. We tried to login, but cannot, as we get a message asking us to got to our iOS 5 or Mac OS X settings – very strange indeed.

It will be interesting to know if more of our readers have been able to login into iCloud before iOS 5 goes live. We cannot understand how some people have managed to get in; we have to wonder if they are not telling the truth? We have asked a number of our friends, and they all have the same issue.



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