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Hackers try and bring PSN down again, gets access to accounts

Earlier this year Sony’s PlayStation Network was out of action for weeks following hackers attacking the company’s sites. Now today we can tell you that hackers try and bring PSN down again, and get access to thousands of accounts.

Sony has admitted on its PlayStation Blog that attempts have been made on PSN and Sony Entertainment. Philip Reitinger who is Sony’s Chief Information Security Officer took to the blog and stated hackers had used “very large sets of sign-in IDs and passwords”. They had brief access to 60,000 PSN accounts, and 33,000 on Sony Online Entertainment.

The hacking attempts happened from Friday through to Monday, and hackers managed to verify sign-in IDs and passwords. Sony stressed that no credit card information was at risk with the attack, and the company locked down the accounts once confirming the attempts were unauthorized.

Reitinger said the data “came from another source and not from our Networks” and the company was “continuing to investigate the extent of unauthorized activity on any of these accounts”. The company said it would send emails to the affected customers whose accounts had been locked down.

The statement added “We will work with any users whom we confirm have had unauthorized purchases made to restore amounts in the PSN/SEN or SOE wallet.” Sony are at least quickly keeping users up to date, as that was one of the biggest complaints during all the problems earlier this year was the lack of information.

Hit the PlayStation Blog for the full statement about the latest hacking. Has your account been locked down?



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