Edison2 Very Light Car vs. Nissan Leaf, MPGe showdown

For years we have been reliant on burning gasoline to power our vehicles, but the hybrid started to make us more aware of this. However, that was not the perfect solution, as it still required using a conventional engine along with an electric motor. However, the next step is here with the Nissan Leaf, but is it really that practical – the Edison2 Very Light Car thinks not?

Whenever there is a standard car review one of the most important aspects is its miles per gallon figure, but this works differently for the EV. Consumers still want to know what the MPGe (e meaning equivalent) is between the Edison2 eVLC and the Nissan Leaf. Well put it this way, you will be shocked.

The Leaf has a 99 MPGe, which is compared to 245 MPGe for the Edison2. However, we would like to point out that we were promised 315, but this never translated under EPA tests. That being said, it’s still very impressive. Just to give you an idea of this achievement, the Tesla Roadster has an MPGe of 135 – not too shabby but still below the eVLC.

Autoblog Green says that this four-seater EV has a range of 115 mile, so still not practical for most people, but ideal if you only have to travel local. We could see these vehicles taking off in California – well they did fall in live with the Prius, and this has a much larger carbon footprint. However, we still have to worry how the electricity is generated to power these EVs, the next big step is fuel cell technology, but we are still a long way off.



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