2 reasons to snub iOS 5 download on release date

By Jamie Pert - Oct 14, 2011

A lot of you will be rushing to install iOS 5.0 on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad tomorrow, but in this article we will raise two good reasons to give it a miss on its release date and instead wait.

Obviously we all know how great iOS 5 will be, the features it will bring and the new lease of life it will give the iPhone 3GS, but if you look back to past iOS releases there are many reasons why you should wait.


Firstly and most importantly you should wait a day or so because of the time you will waste getting the update, no-doubt you will load up iTunes, connect your iDevice and then keep on clicking the “Check for Update” button, this is despite the fact that no launch time has been give just yet. Also once iOS 5 goes live the servers will be under huge demand, so your download will be much slower than it will be in 24 hours or so later. If you wait an extra day for the update you will probably save yourself plenty of wasted hours, in fact we presume some of you have iTunes loaded up and your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad linked up already (you know who your are!).

Potential Problems

Previous iOS releases have not always been perfect, so why not let everyone else test out the new OS before you commit? This way if there are known issues with iOS 5 and the the device you’re are looking to update, you won’t find out the hard way. We almost always hear reports of updates bricking devices, so why not wait a few days to see if reports of problems show up, you never know Apple might rush out iOS 5.0.1 to fix some bugs.

It is so easy to give in to temptation, but let’s face it, you have lived your entire life without iOS 5, so what’s an extra day or so going to matter?

We recommend waiting, but we doubt you will, if you are one of those who decided to wait leave us a comment below.

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  • Anonymous

    I downloaded 5.0 as soon as it became available. My only minor issue is some of my songs on my iPod won’t play. I restored my iPhone, the songs now play and now everything is back to normal.

  • Aj Britton

    Will wait, thanks for the advice

  • SMH

    Thanks Jamie! I appreciate your article. My phone is my life therefore, I too, shall be waiting.

    I’d like to comment on all the negative responses. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. For those of you who feel that you’ve wasted your time by reading this article, you obviously had nothing better to do if you had the time to leave disrespectful comments. You have nothing to gain by being a bully, other than sounding ignorant and making another human feel demoralized. If you see that as a gain, I’d hate to walk a day in your shoes.

    Jamie, I wish you the best of luck with your career and in writing your future articles. Don’t let these meaningless, negative comments get you down. Opinions are like ______, everybody has one!

  • Paramick

    Great advice! I had to back out of 4.0 and will happily wait.

  • Jarred

    You are a horrible writer.

  • John Clifford1

    Good advice – Apple isn’t as bad as Microsoft for sending out software that hasn’t been thoroughly tested, but with the complexity of systems and hardware variety nowadays, it’s worth letting the early adopters take the pain. They love it really!!!!

  • ghjm

    I just coincidentally thought about this for the first time in a good month, googled when the release date was, and saw this. Yes, I will certainly not be installing it on launch day – I probably won’t even remember to think about it for another month. I am the 99%.

  • Booyah

    I’m waiting, but only because I’m out of town and haven’t hooked up my apple tv yet. Mirroring is sure to be sweeeeeeetttt

  • Kaypee053

    jAILBROKEN SO u know am waiting lol

    • Rickyd_viper

      Haha yep I concur!

      • Rickyd_viper

        Btw, now I think about the iOS 5 jailbreak if Siri can be enabled for iPhone 4 or 3GS. If so, I can’t wait. I wanna see how that thing can do 😉

  • Chris-pascoe

    download and its spot on dont take any notice ov this on here

  • I had no issues with any beta version so other then server demand there should be no major issues.  Make sure you get itunes 10.5.

    • Heraldjason

      Why do we need to make sure to get iTunes 10.5?

  • Ahmad

    Good advice:-)  I will wait rather than risk breakdown of both iPhone and iPad Thanks for the advice.

  • Jake

    I’m waiting for two reasons: my jailbroken ipod has way too much to lose, and I’m definitely going to wait and find out about battery consumption.  My battery dies so quickly on my 4g ipod.  If ios 5 makes it worse, there’s no way in hell i’m going that route.

    • I have been using beta on my 4g ipod and did not see much if any decrease in battery life.

  • UK and waiting!

    I have never seen such a hostile reaction from a group of people, against someone expressing an opinion! I thought the idea of living in a democracy was the ability to have  free speech. Anyone wouold think what was said was blasphemous or racist or something!!??

    • You can’t win them all – I try to help our readers out, but certain people can’t be told certain things about a certain company. Especially when certain people are Apple fanboys who would never admit Apple aren’t 100% perfect. 

  • Random

    Just updated…was lengthy wait.
    But why wait to download an OS that has been BETA tested as much as iOS 5?
    Sure lines suck, but get in line and download nuff said.
    Big deal about bricked phones….just restore it that’s what backups are for people!

  • Chris

    My friend just had his phone bricked trying to update to iOS 5.  So yeah, I’ll wait a few days before I try to upgrade.

    • Heraldjason

      What does bricked mean?

      • Chett Fontaine

        brick = useless

  • oxcug

    Though I understand you’re concern, iOS5 is flawless. That was the point of iOS5. What apple is doing with it is perfecting the iOS so they can move onto bigger and better advancements. Instead of having a flawed iOS4. Any of my fellow iOS developers will agree.

    • John Lusky

      No operating system is flawless on its release date. An “iOS developer” should know better. Do you truly believe that a brand new operating system will have absolutely no need for future versions and updates to improve stability and performance? If so, you have a fellow developer who disagrees wholeheartedly. 

  • John Lusky

    Idiots. This is a brilliant article. More people should be encouraging this sort of thing because all of the brain dead morons hop on Apple’s servers and cause them to crash on release dates like this. Stop spamming the check for update button and get back to Facebook and Twitter you leeches. 

  • Xoxhulababeoxo

    I do not understand why all of you are saying this article is stupid… I mean you did not have to read this. You knew that you were going to download the new software whether you read this article or not. You all know that there is going to be an update within the next few weeks because of the bugs that HAVE to be fixed, causing you to re-download… So congrats for doing what a typical society would do and putting down someone for their opinion. At least they wrote an article… you’re just going through articles on the internet throwing out pointless ramble and making someone feel like crap. Applaud yourself for being like the rest. Thanks for your thoughts Jamie.

    • Thanks, at least I am getting some nice comments now!

      • Ulylim

        Shudda read your article first. I’ve got ios5 but no apps or music. Stuff wont sync. The guys who dissed Jamie, you wouldnt be doin it if your upgrade ended up like mine! Kudos to Jamie!

  • Jlap58

    My daughter just called me from college. She has no phone. The update bricked the phone, and the iTunes server is down. She is very upset. I told her to wait. So listen to the article. My family learned the hard way. And Steve ain’t around to help

    • Ha!

      She just CALLED…. she has NO PHONE….


      • Rickydviper_viper

        She doesn’t (technically) have a phone because she can’t use it, I think that’s simply what she meant. Haha that does suck though, I’ve had it once and was sad to have to restore and lose what I should’ve saved. Learned my lesson.

        • Rickyd_viper

          There’s pay phones, friends phones, strangers phones, that kinda thing. Heck there’s so many phones you can make a sandwich with it lol.

  • You’re dumb

    This article’s ass…

  • Abiramganesh

    So guy, did u wake up this morning and suddenly remember that you were supposed to submit an article today. I hope the people that pay you are reading the comments as well as your pointless article.

  • Laura

    I downloaded iTunes 4.5 yesterday at 10am pst and then iOS 5 at 10am this morning. Yes, it was slow.. But I have iOS 5 and you don’t!

  • AppleMan

    Did a six year old write this article?  Really, these are your two good reasons?  Sure, I’ll leave my phone connected to my computer and will click update until it works.  I don’t care if it takes twelve hours to download, it’s just sitting there while I work today.  And, all iOS updates have been able to roll back perfectly.  So, if iOS 5 doesn’t work on my older 3gs I’ll just roll back and wait.  But, Apple has a lot riding on this so I’m guessing they’re going to get it right.  Plus every iPhone 4S will be running iOS 5 out of the box, so I sure hope it’s stable…  By the way, the article header shows two reasons not to, but your first paragraph reads three reasons.  The article only shows two reasons…

    • Chett Fontaine

      Updating your phone on company equipment and time? Does your boss know about this?

  • Bazstards

    I’ve got two good reasons not to read this stupid pointless article 1 your a dickhead 2 your a dickhead!!!! Just download it!!!

  • Reasons to wait before updating to iOS 5 …….

  • tool

    2 good reasons or is it three??

  • Rideburton159

    2 reasons vs. 200 new features….simple mathematics 

    • Sabayo

      00 mathematically 2 knocks out 2 leaving you with two 0’s (lol)

  • Eric42

    Hey these two reason is like reading apple store agreement, which I think no one will listen to, u know they going to download it, wait I’m having a south park moment.


    • Eric42


  • Jamie Pert Tool

    Jamie pert, possibly the most pointless article I’ve ever read. What a tool.

    • Sam

      I couldn’t agree more. If people wish to spend their time waiting, what’s it any of his buisness? What a loser.

  • Samanosuke38

    I’m sorry to say, but if this is the reason, then I’ll hit the download button, then hop on my ps3 and play call of duty black op, but thank you for the heads up

  • The4thassassin

    Be a man and just download it!

  • iapplelover

    Well I just waisted 30 seconds of my life…

  • Sagitarian888

    stupid stupid stupid..idiotic reasons

  • ROFL

    Oh please… I’m glad it was only 2 reasons, I wouldn’t handle more stupidness.

  • Zain_mansoor

    Those are some very pathetic reasons ios 5 has been in testing for months by developers and im sure that all of its bugs are fixed by now

    • Dwight1125

      Apple never ever makes mistakes. They are perfect. Their products and updates never ever crash.

      I live in Brooklyn, and I have this bridge I would like to sell you part ownership…….

      • L0stS0uL248

        Lol I’ll buy that for a dollar

  • Dread

    well in uk we better get it by the time i wake up in the morning im tired of waiting for these yanks to catch up on our time if it said 12th i expect the 12th uk zone!!!!!

    • Ryan2837

      I am in America and I agree it should be on China time. America is the last time zone. Lol

  • Dsggfgfd

    your stupid .

    • jt.53085

      Really???? He’s stupid? Learn basic grammar before you personally attack someone online.

      • Guest

        You’re even more stupid for being offended by a comment that wasn’t even directed at you.

        • Leo

          Wow! Does that make you “most stupid” for commenting a comment that was directed neither at the guy making the initial comment and much less at you? I’m just wondering whether posting this would make me THE ABSOLUTE IDIOT – three times removed… ? ;-)))

        • Insane

          I’d just like to say that this last little tidbit made THE WHOLE THING worth my time. Thank you Stupid, More Stupid, Most stupid and Absolute Idiot. You make life worth living

        • Sepulvedaone

          This whole thing is stupid! But stupid funny. Lmao!

        • harwardwr

          Haha. CSI. Can’t Stand Idiots