Xbox 720 or PS4, are you open to changing brand?

By Peter Chubb - Oct 11, 2011

No one has a clue as to what hardware changes will be made once Microsoft and Sony release their Xbox 720 (rumored name) and the PS4. We know that it will move on, but we have no idea how – although we have had a few ideas. There are those of you who will always stick to a brand, but we should be open to change, as the next updated console might not offer you what the current one does.

What we mean is, you could currently enjoy the feel of the Xbox 360, along with the interface and the smoothness of the graphics when compared to the PlayStation 3. However, that could all change and the PS4 could then offer the better option, or vice versa. Don’t start panicking yet, as you will not have to make the choice anytime soon – or do we?

We say this because we reported yesterday that a Microsoft employee has admitted to be working on a next-gen console, but no time frame has been given. It’s hard to guess when either company will launch their new console, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they were very close to each other.

What we can expect is a more sleek and slimmer design, along with cutting edge technology inside. We still expect Sony to have the edge when it comes hardware, but not certain if they will be able to pull the gap when it comes to software, as Microsoft and its Xbox Live Dashboard is far more superior than PSN – although that one has always been up for debate.

Both Sony and Microsoft will make our choice much tougher with their next-generation consoles, and with not as many exclusives as there one was, just maybe that decision will be easier to make than it has been in the past?
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  • Easy_adjl

    If xbox 3 is still ugly I will probably switch to PS4. I am getting to the age and wage where you start to take interior decor seriously and the doesn’t sit in my living room very well.

    I will have to sacrifice xbox live which is better than psn (apart from the price of course) and the pad which I prefer. But me want sexy living room.

  • Zgray83

    i can’t wait to see the new xbox

  • Eric McMenimon

    I’ll get both anyway.

  • Kylemccallion

    I can’t wait to see the virtual reality sony is going bringing out, if that is good I think I will be going with ps4 hands down

  • i think personaly though that sony should move out as they dont ever seam to be relevent some games are grate tittles like god of war or twisted metal but those can move to xbox…and be better since more people have xbox and online play is better. xbox its self should focus on lots of controller options like key board, a upgraded classic with motion controlls, tablet controller, kinect, and a core controller to use with kinect. and bring none gaming software like a web browser and word (for key baord) along with PC based gaming like W.O.W. (with keyboard)

    on a side note i hope the finel version of the wii u well have a OLED touch screen with digitizer stylus. 

  • i think that the new xbox well reflect what is was made to do, like the 3ds, wii u or psvita holding the key branding but not numerical branding, i think that the next xbox should be built by HP and be called the xbox HP. as for play station its almost a sure thing that it well be called ps5. but i think at this point they should call it the PSV (roman numeral 5)

  • When the next-gen are released we’ll still all own our current-gen.  That takes care of backwards compatibility issues.  Therefore, why wouldn’t I wait and see which is better for me?  Loyalty to massive brands is for suckers.

  • Reach078

    don’t care! don’t play anymore

    • blah

      Why comment then?

      As for Sony having the more powerfull hardware… I couldn’t dissagree with you more.

      MS is a much richer company than Sony, and there is simply no way they will allow Sony to have the bragging rights next time around. They can afford to pump milions into their next system for the most powerfull hardware at an affordable retail price, Sony cannot do this to the same extent.

      Sony will have to go the way of Nintendo and show that while they will not be able to outmuscle MS next console, they may be able to out-innovate. Time will tell.

      Either way put me in the open-minded camp. Only problem would be loosing my friends list on Live, if I were to switch over to the PS4

      • Reach078

        blah! blah! loosing my friends list on Live!! basement loser alert!!!!!!!!