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The best iPhone 4S Halloween case

Our readers have asked us if we could suggest what we believe to be the best iPhone 4S Halloween case. Well, we have done some digging and believe that we have found a few good choices, but the final decision will fall to you. The reason we say this is down to two things, how much you are prepared to pay, and if you want to take this risk to see if these cases will fit, as they say for the iPhone 4 and 4S, but we have had reports that they could be a little bit tight – although this is unconfirmed.

iPhone Rumors managed to point us in the right direction when it comes to these scary 5th-genertaion iPhone cases, and we now have two sources supplying them, Case Mate and DS Styles. Now the former is more for those on a tighter budget, as they are a more practical price at $24.99. There are just three to choose from, which you can see in the two videos that we have embedded for you below.

DS Styles is another story, as they not only cater for the lower price Halloween cases, but also go up in price for those who are a little easier with their cash. There is a choice of 42 scary iPhone 4S cases. Prices start from just over $17 to just over $200 – a bit of a difference wouldn’t you say?

We have two favorites, one is the Halloween Swarovski Crystal Phone Case at $71.95 and the other is the Murk Series Skull Case, the price is just $17.19.



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