New release date for Nexus Prime, Verizon opts for November?

By Alan Ng - Oct 11, 2011

We have some important details to share with those who are patiently waiting for news on the Google Nexus Prime smartphone now, as recent rumors have suggested that Google has given Verizon the go ahead to release the device in November.

As most of you know, the Nexus Prime was expected to be unveiled in a matter of hours by Google and Samsung at the Mobile Unpacked event at CTIA 2011. Instead though, the announcement was delayed out of respect for Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google has yet to officially announce any updated details for the Nexus Prime, or ‘new product launch‘ as they called it last week.

Now though, information uncovered by Phandroid hints of a new retail launch for the Nexus Prime on November 3rd, which once again falls on a Thursday – now regarded as a favorable day for new Verizon smartphone releases. Their insider has discussed a few details on the Nexus Prime and the source adds that if a November 3rd date is set in stone, we could be seeing the announcement of the device much sooner than that.

If the details are true, that doesn’t leave much window of opportunity for Google and Samsung to announce the Nexus Prime. Maybe it will come in a weeks time, leaving just one more week left for Verizon to begin with their inevitable barrage of advertising campaigns. All eyes will still be on the Mobile Unpacked event though, maybe we will get some further clues on the Nexus Prime release after all.

Google has always maintained that Ice Cream Sandwich will be out before the end of November, so a release date for the Nexus Prime in November shouldnt be classed as a disappointment. If it happens as soon as the 3rd, then great but be prepared in case the launch is put back further in November. One thing looks for certain now though, and that’s the fact that the Nexus Prime probably won’t be launched in October.

Are you starting to get a bit impatient over the never-ending Nexus Prime release saga, or are you not bothered about a November launch for the beastly device?

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  • T.Shaw

    I am growing very impatient with all the bs that surrounds the latest and greatest smartphones particularly the Prime. Just give us the damn phone already. Google/Samsung are going to miss a golden opportunity here if they don’t get the ball rolling. Just seems a bit ridiculous to cancel their part in the CTIA event due to Steve Jobs passing. I’m calling bullshit.

  • Memnoch

    I just want the phone to come out already…  and I truly question whether they delayed the release because of Steve Jobs.  It’s more likely they had some distribution/manufacturing issues and thought it would be a good PR stunt to use him as the reason.  Thumbs down to Samsung and Google.