Modern Warfare 3 Vs MW2: AC-130 graphics comparison

By Alan Ng - Oct 11, 2011

We have just told you about an amazing but hilarious vehicle bug in Battlefield 3, but now we switch our focus back to Modern Warfare 3 for the moment. Some new images have popped up, giving fans a possible first glance at the capabilities of the AC-130 support weapon.

If you were a big fan of calling in an AC-130 in Modern Warfare 2, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the relentless air support once again features in Modern Warfare 3. Activision has just released two new screenshots showing the AC-130 in action, but rather than give us a multiplayer preview showing the weapon, we see it instead on the Paris mission during the single-player campaign.

Whatever your feelings may be towards the franchise, you have to say that AC-130 visuals are looking fantastic in the game, especially when you compare it to the same air support in Modern Warfare 2. We have added one screenshot showing the AC-130 on the Paris level below, and also an AC-130 screenshot from Modern Warfare 2 which will give you an idea on Infinity Ward’s graphics improvements.

As you can see, your AC-130 plane will now provide a color overview of the enemies below, which instantly gives you a better visual of what you are aiming for, compared to Modern Warfare 2 which just offered a black and white view and players would just spam the button, alternating between the different cannon fire and rockets in hope of racking up as many kills as possible.

In Modern Warfare 3, it looks like players will have a much clearer sense of control when using the AC-130, which in turn will add to the overall realism of the game and gain Infinity Ward some brownie points for upgrading a feature effectively. Check out the images below and let us know what you think of them.

Was the AC-130 an essential killstreak for you in your quest of getting a nuke on Modern Warfare 2?



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  • Anonymous

    LMFAO , great article!

  • What a dumbass article. One is an infrared and the other is a regular camera.
    What upgrade?

  • how is this an upgrade??? we’ve gone from an infrared cam thats seen on most helicopters and other airborne things to a view which looks like youre looking out of a standard camera, this is hardly an upgrade.
    from the look of this the new view isnt more realistic in the slightest but will however make it harder to kill people as it doesnt look like u have heat vision, spamming wasnt a problem in mw2 as they could see exactly where you were, the vision wasnt the problem it was the overpowered weaponry, as for nukes, dont get me started….

  • Jorjbr2

    Hard to compare when one is in colour and the other is black and white. But doesn’t matter, they are almost identical anyway.

  • Ezop73

    Black and white looks more realistic, like you see on the news sometimes (dont think i’ve ever seen a colour one)

  • lancast

    I bet anyone $100au that they could not tell which screenshot was modern warfare 2 or 3 if it had’nt been written down under each screenshot. Btw the black and white looks better, why? , because it’s more realistic. Oh I forgot cod fans forgot what realism is…

    • Philsattell

      That’s about four euro right? I will take that bet.

    • Cerenad3

      Easy the one on mw2 is on the map rust, I’ll take my few pounds please

  • sooo its in color now?……..why wasnt it in color to begin with -_-

  • Oh look, how cute. Modern Warfare Paris looks like it was colored in with Crayons, thanks to the old trusty rusty DX9 engine they keep using. LOL

    How does adding color to the AC 130 make MW3 a better game? LOL, WOW. Truth is, this game is going to be just like MW2 but with new maps and weapons. Something you couldve gotten with Map Packs for MW2. This COD franchise knows how to make money from kids who have no clue whats going on.

    I actually think that the MW2 screenshot is better because it gives you a more realistic feel of what it would be in real live. Have you seen footage from the Desert Storm and recent wars? Its all in thermal imaging.

    • scout

      Seriously, all the immature people like you have been making this lame argument ever since, over and over. Only little kids or morons keep doing so.

      • lancast

        That’s because he right!

      • Anonymous

        “In Modern Warfare 3, it looks like players will have a much clearer sense of control when using the AC-130, which in turn will add to the overall realism of the game”

        That is plain wrong since, as Hugo said, a colored AC130 view is not realistic.

        There were already red squares (!!) around enemies. Now they make it even more casual…

    • Barksi17

      Probably the worst argument concieved by man. Why change something that isnt broken? it works, very well, you yourself will probably be purchasing it anyway. still the best FPS out their IMO and will be for a while, BF3 made a good attempt, but the beta shows major failure…(ps i know its a beta).

      Sure the story is pretty pointless, and the black and white is better, but MW3 will still be great, plenty of changes and improvements.

      • Fooilish

        The Beta for BF3 was awesome.  Why is it a “major failure”?  Is it because it was one mode and one map?  Trust me, BF3 has a far greater quality then MW3 when both games are finished.  BF3’s smaller map ‘Operation Metro’ was like 5 Call of Duty maps combined.

  • That MW3 screenshot looks pretty sick, looking forward to the game even more now. Thanks for the share!

    • Alan Ng

      No problem Derek.. yep, game is looking pretty nice actually in the graphics department.

      • Anonymous

        Sarcasm much?

        Not a single big budget title looks worse than MW3. And that’s a FACT, not some random trolling. 🙂
        If you can provide me with a to be released big budget game looking worse, please do.

        • i dont agree, its not that it looks bad, it just doesnt look better, and everyone wants better than the older version, thats what every other game out there has done, bat man is bigger and better, skyrim has had a complete overhaul, then cod has slightly upped graphics and different weapons and maps, the only thing i look forward to in it is the story, itll be the only thing which is completely different