iTunes 10.5 is live to download, any problems?

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 11, 2011

Earlier today we posted a few details about the upcoming iOS 5 for iPhone 4/3GS and other supported iOS devices, and we also let our readers know that you’d need the iTunes 10.5 download before installing the next iOS software. We can now confirm that iTunes 10.5 is out and live to download here on Apple’s website.

When checking for an update in iTunes you’ll not find the update, at the time of writing, although going to the official Apple website has the download listed as version 10.5.

What’s new in iTunes 10.5? You can now buy music from any computer or iOS 5 devices and have it automatically downloaded; also it is much easier now to download previous purchases. In the past you have to contact iTunes support when you lose a song, book, app, or TV but now this has been made much easier with the ability to download previous purchases from within iTunes 10.5 at no extra cost, although if the store doesn’t have the file anymore then you won’t be able to download it.

Wi-Fi Syncing is another great feature in ITunes 10.5 that lets you sync with any iOS 5 device on your home network, all done wirelessly. The biggest improvement is iCloud, which lets you store all your TV and music purchases in the cloud and can be installed to your iOS devices anywhere. The first 5GB of storage is completely free.

Let us know if you’ve had any problems with iTunes 10.5, and also share feedback on the new features. Those of you in the UK looking for iTunes Match will not find it, although it should become available by the end of 2011.

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  • kidsal

    I downloaded the new iTunes and am having the same problem as the last version. There is no sound on the Tutorial after the first few seconds. Then it freezes and I have to turn off my computer to exit iTunes.

  • Jellybean001

    Downloaded 10.5. The next day my PC crashes at the welcome screen. I had to open in safe mode and select load last functional operation. Now I have access to my computer, but iTunes does not work. I get a message that says I have an earlier version of iTunes. I will not update until Apple get the program working correctly on PC.

  • Phil

    everytime i tried to update 10.5.3 in my laptop i kept getting the same result:there’s a problem with this windows installer package.A program required for this install to complete could not be your support personnel or package vendor.
    i’ve no idea what’s that mean.Pls help me by emailling me at
    @yahoo:disqus Thanks

  • FM

    I have tried unsuccessfully for two weeks to download Update 10.5.3  My laptop and my Ipad download approximately 2/3 of the way and then stands still.  I have to shut down entire system and reboot every time.  What is up???

  • Pparker2

    cant access store this is garbage update

  • Pissed off Apple customer

    This is total crap my Ipod crashed lost every thing on it .now all the music sounds like crap . Work out the bugs before its released .

  • J Oflaherty

    tried reverting to previous version of itunes to correct the problems but that fails to load too.
    WTF Apple????

  • Nick Thompson

    I have updated to 10.5 and also have new iphone 4S, and 3GS. neither phone will back up now. Getting really hacked off with new software/hardware from apple being sub standard. concentrate less on the marketing hype and more on getting it right. Beginning to think i should have gone android!

    • Jblakeslee62

      The upgrade has brought my entire system to it’s knees. Back up of my IPad ran for 9 hours. I gave up. How do I get back to the earlier version? Very disappointing Apple!

  • Jennifer

    after downloading the upgrade.  only about half my songs are available.  the rest say”  source could not be found”  when you click on the title listed.  very worried I’ve lost half my library and don”t know how to retrieve it.  Anyone computer saavy know how to fix this?

  • Don

    Itunes 10.5 fails to launch.  I can’t reach the Itunes store and it doesn’t recognize my IPhone.  How can I go back to the previous version.  You guys stink at this.

  • Bob

    Mine stiil backing up or so it says, been 15 hrs at least IOS5………any help out there?

    • Bob

      Gone all together?

    • Anna Milligan

      You’re good!  I gave up after 5 hours!

  • Gray798

    itunes store has disappeared after download 10.5

    • Bob

      Sorry answered my own post there, meant to ask you what do you mean by gone, not there at all?

    • Anna

      me too!  And can’t get IOS5 to load either

    • Anna

      me too, on two computers

    • Mandy Mel

      Same here!  Tried automatic download and manual download about 10 times but each time it failed, so now we have no iTunes for our two iPhones and iPods….great!!

      • Mandy Mel

        Sorry and iPad!!  Thanks Apple!!

  • Bob

    Same problem as except my Ipod, has been synching for god nows how many hours…… know what to do help!

  • Charles

    I keep getting this message ” iTunes could not connect to iTunes to the iTunes Store. The network connection timed out”. So I cannot update my apps!!!


    Some of my music is distorted. Not all of just some. Help!

    • Jedick75

      I’m having same problem. Seems songs downloaded (songs purchased from apple are fine of course) are terribly distorted, tingy is the best way to describe. Songs added by CD seem fine also.  Anyone having this issue?


        That is the same exact problem I am having. Songs download from itunes and songs added by CD are fine. All other songs are distorted and tingy. My laptop with windows 7 is fine. My tower with windows XP is having problems.I took it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy to help me. No solution yet. I will let you know if they fix it.

      • Riverfamly

        itunes had a new update today 10.5.1 after downloading it all of my music files now play correctly. See if that helps your problem. I spoke with the Apple nerds in the store last week and low and behold a new update to fix this crap. About time Apple

  • Mcovjv

    I updated to 10.5 last night, but was dismayed when my Shortcut responded that the application software
    no longer existed. I found that to be true in that the shortcut sent me to iTunes.exe, which NO LONGER
    existed. My iTunes folders and files were still there however, but I could not get to them. I’m running
    Window’s 7 and had to do a System Restore to retreat to the earlier version of iTunes that ran fine before
    10.5. I’ll be reluctant to upgrade to 10.5 in the future until I hear of a Fix to this problem.

    • Tim_middlecave

      Same problem…Not a great start Apple!!!!