iPhone 4S: RAM could be 512MB – Embarrassing or sufficient?

By Alan Ng - Oct 11, 2011

If you tuned in to a live blog of the recent iPhone 4S reveal at Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event, you may have noticed one thing that was once again absent from their new iPhone reveal – the amount of RAM that the new iPhone 4S will possess.

As usual, Apple failed to mention this part when discussing the upgraded hardware specs of the device and you’ll probably remember a similar thing happening with the iPhone 4. Well now, you’ll be interested to hear that details on the amount of RAM featured on the iPhone 4S may have been disclosed, courtesy of Eurogamer and a recent interview with Donald Mustard.

Mustard is the Creative Director for the Epic Games subsidiary company Chair Entertainment and you may have seen Epic unveil Infinity Blade 2 for the iPhone 4S, a sequel to the hugely popular Infinity Blade title that hit the iPhone 4 last year. During his interview with the gaming site, he revealed (unknowingly for the first time) the amount of RAM that the iPhone 4S will possess, despite the fact that Apple has yet to announce this officially.

Here is a portion of his statement which contains the juicy info: “I’m still shocked that, with the iPhone 4S, I’m literally running around with a 1080p video camera in my pocket, with an eight megapixel camera, 64GB of hard drive space and an A5 chip with 512MB of memory. This is a really powerful computer, right? That’s going to allow us to do some really cool stuff for gaming”

As you can see, he confirms in black and white that the new iPhone 4S will come shipped with 512MB of RAM – the same amount that featured in the iPhone 4, meaning nothing has changed from a memory point of view. Is this cause for concern for new iPhone 4S owners given the fact that the majority of new Android smartphones come equipped with 1GB of RAM as standard, or will the dual-core A5 chip be able to fend for itself?

If the iPhone 4S does have 512MB it becomes clear why Apple would opt to omit this piece of information from their event, as they obviously do not want any negative press. However, 512MB of RAM may be seen as a shock to the system in some consumers eyes, but we doubt that it will have an impact on sales since Siri will probably do the main job of attracting new consumers to the device.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the iPhone 4S having 512MB of RAM is slightly embarrassing, or is it enough for you?

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  • Yang Zhicong

    I’m not exactly sure if it is enough. Running Smurf Village on my iPad 2, i encountered lags whenever i do a mass planting using the plant all option. Even scrolling happens in jerks rather than smooth gliding. Maybe it’s coz i crammed too many stuff into my village but the lag was kinda a bummer. Have tried other games besides SV and We Rule (another graphic intensive game with less lag although its still there). Hopefully, with a smaller screensize, we will not have this problem.

  • Anonymous

    If I’m going to give Mango the benefit of the doubt that it doesn’t need 1GB of RAM to operate smoothly then I have to do the same for iOS 5 with Siri.

  • NKatz131

    I think that 512MB of RAM is sufficient if the software is optimized, which Apple has shown us that theirs is.