Has Skyrim leaked one month before release?

By Alan Ng - Oct 11, 2011

What do we have here then. After informing you about the Skyrim map being revealed for the game, something far more worthwhile has come to fruition for Skyrim fans. The game’s official manual has seemingly leaked, but will you dare to take a look or wait until the game is out?

During the time in which the Skyrim map was revealed on the internet, we suggested that it could be due to the game being leaked weeks before Bethesda’s intended release date of 11.11.11. We have since learned that the limited edition map was actually handed out to gamers during a Skyrim event in Russia, but we are now scratching our heads on finding out an explanation on how someone has managed to get their hands on the manual for the game.

Obviously we won’t post the images here since Bethesda are not going to be too happy about this, but you can view to your hearts content over at GameInformer here if you’re interested. As you expect, the manual gives you a general introduction to the game beforehand, involving tips on magicka use, cooking, horse controls, using stamina effectively and so on.

If you delve deeper into the manual, you’ll also see a complete button layout as well for the Xbox 360 version of the game, which will come in handy if you want to know what the basic controls will be prior to release.

We’re not going to jump the gun and say the game has been leaked exactly one month before release, but we doubt that attendees at the Russian event were handed official Skyrim manuals along with their maps. Someone seemingly has a copy of the game and it may not be long until he or she decides to upload some footage. If you have already had a cheeky peek at the manual, let us know what you think of it and your opinions on the game being possibly leaked.

[Who dares leak the manual?]

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  • Tom

    The manual looks legit. It’s hardly a spoiler or anything, it’s not like we’ll be reading the manual when we’ve bought the game – we’ll be too busy playing the best game ever made! It’s usefull though, since it reveals stuff about combat and companions etc.

  • Dinges

    the guy that leaked the manual on reddit posted that he got it from somebody at a printing company, so sorry to dissapoint, no skyrim leak, just the booklet

  • Charlie_barry

    If it’s been leaked.. This means the game is complete.. And if so then why not win the race and release the game now.. There’s allot of competition out there, such as MW3, BF3, Batman AC, Assassins Creed Revelations, Saints Row 3 and Much much more… If the fans could get there hands on this game now then word would get out and GOTY here we come!

    • Fkj

      the game may be complete, but it still takes for for a game to “go gold” and to make the game discs. and plus you have to make the cases, and ship the games everywhere.

      • pong

        Going gold means it is complete, as in that is the version to be on the disk. It can be perfectly playable for a long time without being “complete”. The disc printing takes at least a week though.

  • Tookfart

    I reckon Skyrim will be leaked 2 weeks (min.) before release. Don’t know if you all saw the guy with his XBOX 360 copy on youtube which was taken down just yesterday. He took the game out of the cover, placed it in his console and and started right up. He only went as far as the character customisation screen and starting off in prison though. Where are these ppl getting their copies from? 

  • Andy

    Not looking at the manual before release is like not knowing the scores before match of the day. Damn temptation