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Expectations of iTunes 10.5 release time

Following on from what Alan Ng wrote this morning regarding the expected download time of IOS 5; we thought that we would have a look at the expectations of the iTunes 10.5 release time. The reason being is this; you cannot download the new version of Apple’s new mobile OS without the latest version of iTunes.

We thought we would have a look at last years release to see if we can get an insight as to when we can expect the update, which as we know was much earlier in the year. Let’s have a little history lesson; last year was the launch of iOS 4, which was released on June 21, 2010. However, this would come pre-installed on the iPhone, which was released just a few days later on the 24th.

However, what confuses us is this, iTunes 9.2 was the version that was needed in order to download iOS 4, but this was launched on June 16th. This means that Apple made the updated version of iTunes available 5 days before the new iOS – so why have they not done the same this year? However, in hindsight, this would have been around the time that Steve Jobs sadly passed away, it would have been insensitive to make iTunes 10.5 available for download on or near that day.

Depending who you ask we can expect to see iTunes 10.5 either today or tomorrow. Looking on Apple they just say coming soon. We just hope that this update does not have the same issue that 9.2 had, as Apple had to rush out a few tweaks one month later? Personally I think that the download will happen later today, otherwise Apple could overload their servers if they made it available on the same days as iOS 5. Here’s a checklist before you update.



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