EA respond to FIFA 12 UT hacking claims

By Jamie Pert - Oct 11, 2011

Yesterday we told you about how a good friend of mine had his FIFA 12 Ultimate Team hacked, this resulted in him losing most of his coins and all of his players, so he contacted Electronic Arts customer support, we now have the response he got from them

The first thing which EA ask you to do is change you password immediately, also they ask you to ensure that you don’t share it with anyone, not even EA Support – the latter part of this suggests that they are aware of people falling for phishing scams. EA’s team have a list of things which they want you to respond with, firstly they need to know your FUT team name and how many coins were lost, they then want you to answer the following questions:

Have you changed your gamertag recently?

Have you contacted Customer Support for any kind of transfer recently?

When was the date and time that you noticed that the team was last intact?

When was the team lost?

Was there an system or console update when the team disappeared?

Once you send across these details the EA development team will review you situation and look into possible compensation, at the time of this post my friend had not received compensation, but things are looking more promising than they one were. When we hear more on the matter we will keep you posted, for now we would recommended changing your FUT password to something more secure than it currently is, even if you haven’t been hacked – you can test how secure your password is here.

We have to say that we are impressed by how helpful EA are being, let us know if you were compensated due to your UT being hacked, if so leave a comment below.

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  • Edinburgh

    Son’s 500,000 coin hacked and removed last night…EA say they may compensate in 3 weeks…..what is going on here….how can EA sustain a business that’s rife with hacking ?  Surely they can trace who has taken the players assuming there is some DRM ( Digital Rights Management ) being deployed.  Very poor service from EA.

  • Matty-j

    i was hacked in December and want to report it to customer support but don`t know how to use it could anyone tell me where to put the information?

  • Patrik Adamson

    Ive been hacked last night, someone had hacked my account i had a good team from the barclays premier league with some quality players, my team costing around £300,000 and i had spent about £40 on microsoft points for packs aswell.

  • Mairzy8

    Got disconnected for maintenance last night. Came back on 9 hours later, my full serie a team is gone. Costing around 400,000 coins. I also spent about £120 on microsoft points. I did NOT give any of my details away. This is ridic EA SORT IT OUT

  • HueyAvery

    a guy on fifa said he didnt need my details and told me to send every player i had to my trade pile and give him all the coins i had which 263,000 grand and he would multiply that by four. then i told my dad and i told my dad and he had to buy me microsoft points and i have lost every player such as eto, ronaldo and iniesta… i really want my coins back and this guys name is iD Whittaker and that is how you spell the gamer tag… EA please respond and help me.

  • Dave28

    I was hack today, they took my gold and silver player and coins but they didn’t my managers, consumables and club items. What shall I do?

  • Danbutt

    my team got hacked over 3 months ago and i am still waiting for ea to sort it out. I lost my 5 million team

  • Psayub

    i got hacked yesterday then i contact EA but they give me a 15% discont at origin store, then i said ” I dont want any discount, I want my players and conis back!” but nothing happend and i lost a 17.000.000 team

  • maco

    i got hacked 2 hours ago, 35k coins and 3 top players, lesson learned…i wish EA would help. 

  • Closeg

    My son was playing today and was hacked whilst in a party. Something to do with the transfer screen and entering large values in the min and max values searching on formation. Lost 4 top players and 50k coins. End of Ultimate Team after that.

  • Marksy01

    Mine was hacked today, everything gone including team, players, coins etc. I have nothing left..

    • Jvangessel

      I am also hacked. I loose about 10.000 coins everytime I sell an expensive player. I changed passwords, but it still does not help.
      I am an IT professional and I know what to do and not to do, but this time I have no clue how they do that.
      I explained yesterday everything to EA and send them some screenshots. Hope they can solve this because for now the fun is out of the game.

      • Djyccgh

        Thats the EA tax that u are losing, ur not being hacked but EA takes a percentage of ur coins each time u sell something