Confusing Ace Combat: Assault Horizon review score

By Peter Chubb - Oct 11, 2011

Whenever you get a game that takes some of the good features from Modern Warfare we think that a developer has not tried to be original enough. However, when that is implemented onto a combat flight simulator game, then the reaction is a little different. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (view trailer) is out today in the US, and we have a little problem with some recent review scores, as they seem a little confusing.

The first review was from Game Master, and they have given Assault Horizon and 87 percent, so how come CVG calls this a very pleasing score? Maybe we have come to expect game reviews to always hit over 90 percent these days? Some readers feel that the review does not offer that much, as it is only 3 paragraphs long.

Can we really take a review seriously if they have not put much effort into a more in-depth look at the game? Game Master themselves has said that the game is not that great, which is why they gave it a lower score – again CVG said it was pleasing. `So where does the game fail, well there are suggestions that the franchise has now lost its way by giving it a sort of Call of Duty makeover.

I love these types of games, but always have an issue with the speed of such a game. Trying to complete missions is a very tough task, as the plane moves along at speeds that require fast reflexes. Personally the old WWII flight combat games have more to offer, as you can get a feel for the plane more – well that and the aircrafts have more character.

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  • Thearss1

    I think the game has a more in your face action instead of just firing off missiles and hoping they would hit and has leaped greatly in the graphics department. The only problem i have is with the controls i preferred the old controls they felt more logical. Comparing this to COD or BF is stupid, BF3 is weak in the aerial vehicle department and is very unrealistic in gun play (i should not have to put a full clip into my opponent to kill him). COD only has on the rails vehicle battles. Personally i would have been happy if Ace Combat never changed, at least they’re trying to keep it going. Unlike MMORPGs, some FPS’s (Gears – three games that only progress the story, BF3 – same game just fixed the bugs and crappy controls, COD – too many developers and one game engine should be all you need. to name a few) and Racing games.

  • Asvla

    And there we have it folks. Many of the people reviewing this game want a Flight action game to play like a COD FPS instead of a BF FPS. ZOMG ACTION!

    RIP Ace Combat.