Battlefield 3 vehicle bug exposes DICE’s flying tanks secret

By Alan Ng - Oct 12, 2011

We have seen some great video game bugs in our time, but this recent Battlefield 3 beta bug has to be up there with one of the funniest we’ve ever seen. A video showing some of the extraordinary flying capabilities of tanks on Caspian Border has been racking up hits on YouTube, probably also due to the hilarious commentary which accompanies the clip.

We do realise that some of you may have already seen this clip and so therefore it may warrant as ‘old news’. However, we’re presuming that a good majority of you are yet to see this bug in action so on that basis, we want to share it with you and see what you think.

Developers for Battlefield 3 DICE has already listed their top ten problems that occurred during the beta, but we definitely didn’t see flying tanks on the list. We mention flying tanks, but it’s more like tanks inexplicably launching themselves into the air like a rocket, only to fall back down to earth and be a rather large hazard to passing soliders in the process.

If DICE hasn’t seen this video, they really should as actually it obviously points out some serious flaws in the PC beta that may or may not have come to the attention of the developers. In reality though, we’re presuming they have seen this and will be working on a fix to ensure that nothing like this happens in the full retail version of the game – on any platform, let alone PC.

For now though, sit back and prepare to be amused and we guarantee that the video is bound to draw a smile on your face, even if you’re not a Battlefield 3 fan. Don’t forget to crank up the YouTube quality to 720p or even 1080p HD on the video below if your computer can handle it.

Have you ever seen a bug as funny as this one? Let us know what you think of it afterwards.

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  • VolkNasty

    Good stuff.

  • Cookie

    hahaha… made my day, thanks Alan!

    • Alan Ng

      Your welcome 🙂

  • Johnny

    Saw this happen quite a bit, the Beta was not that old of a build from what Dice said on Twitter.

  • Damn, how old is the build this guy is playing on? Graphics were so weak and he had artifacts showing on the textures badly. I got to play Caspian Border till the Beta ended and never saw/experienced anything like that. This must have been a Pre Alpha build for the early testers. It was on PC also since he is running FRAPS to record the video. Weird, that was hilarious though. Im certain this was fixed right away cause the final beta didnt have this on PC.

  • Lol this bug is hell funny hahahahahahahahaha ! xD

    • Alan Ng

      Glad you liked it! Made me tickle…a lot too 🙂