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Angular edged Xoom 2 and Motorola Spyder, a closer look

There have already been one or two leaked images of the Motorola Xoom 2 and the Spyder, but we have no way of knowing if they were the real deal or not. Well, we have that dilemma once again, as a few more images have leaked and it shows that the two devices are angular edged. See these images for a closer look.

The leaked photos show the devices in an almost final form, which means that they must be very close to a release. There is thought to be two sizes for the Xoom 2, but Motorola has yet to confirm this. Then there is the Spyder (RAZR), which has seen a video from Moto dropping some hints about the upcoming smartphone.

It does seem funny how the new handset has crept up on us without anyone knowing too much, which must have Samsung a little worried? The final version will come with a 1.2GHz processor, but the model in the images is said to be clocked at 1.5GHz. Not sure why this would be, but still, 1.25GHz is not too shabby, especially when we believe that the iPhone 4S has been declocked to 800MHz.

As for that Xoom 2, the one in the images is said to be the smaller 8.2-inch version. This could turn out to be an ideal size for Motorola, as to some 10 inches is too large and 7 inches is a little on the small side – maybe they have learned from the mistake made by Samsung with the smaller Galaxy Tab?



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