Why the iPhone may never have a bigger screen

By Gary Johnson - Oct 10, 2011

Before the announcement of the iPhone 4S last week, some of the speculation surrounding the proposed iPhone 5 was the screen size. There are many iPhone fans that would prefer a slightly bigger display on their device, and we now have a report why the iPhone may never have a bigger screen.

While the latest iPhone display remained the same size Android devices seem to be getting bigger and bigger. The iPhones biggest rival the Samsung Galaxy S II has an almost 4.3-inch screen, and according to an article on Redmond Pie the size of the iPhone is down to how it is used.

Designer Dustin Curtis has been spending some time with the Galaxy S II, and feels the size of the iPhone allows for a device that is much easier to use with one hand. He found that having a larger screen made it more difficult to use with only one hand, and with the iPhone you can reach the other side of the screen with your thumb.

But on the Galaxy S II this couldn’t be achieved by him, and he has also used the Samsung Nexus S and the HTC HD7. Using these two handsets he also struggled with one hand operation, but he does admit he has small hands though. He stated that reaching up for the notification drawer on the Nexus S was a difficult task.

Curtis feels that Apple won’t be increasing the size of the iPhone screen anytime soon, and won’t follow the trend where bigger is better. It will all come down to personal preference, and personally I have no problem using the 4.3-inch display on my handset with one hand so Apple could well increase screen size next time round.

Would you prefer a bigger screen on the iPhone?

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  • i dnt think so iphone need bigger screen

  • Anonymous

    Unless you are trying to text or use you’re phone while driving, there is no reason why you should prefer to operate the phone with one hand vs having a large screen that operates better with two hands. The only reason why I don’t go with iPhone is for that particular reason, can’t down grade from 4.3″

  • Thacompany07

    I have had the HD7, iphone, and the galaxy. I havent had one problem using one had to navigate, or text. Its all a matter of where u place ur hand.

  • Boatmantes

    I have a Galaxy S and small hands. Love the large screen but it is not a one-hander for me.