Possible iOS 5 download time: Insight before release

By Alan Ng - Oct 10, 2011

As most of you will be well aware, Apple will finally unleash their highly anticipated iOS 5 update for devices this Wednesday, October 12th. Everyone wants to know what time the download will be available of course since Apple are remaining silent as usual, but we have some clues for you which may provide an insight into a possible time.

It was originally thought that iOS 5 would be landing two days before Apple start shipping their new iPhone 4S smartphone, but due to overwhelming demand for the new device, all orders have now been hit with a ‘1-2 weeks’ revised shipping date, much to the frustration of consumers who pre-ordered one.

Back to the iOS 5 download time, and we would like to remind you of a few hints regarding the iOS 4.3 download time at the start of the year. In February, we told you that iOS 4.3 was expected to go live at 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm GMT, and on March 9th 2011 – iOS 4.3 released around that time. If you can remember even further back, iOS 4.0 and iOS 4.2 released around the same time as iOS 4.3, and considering that Apple are keen advocators of sticking to a strict pattern – these times could well be fairly accurate in terms of the iOS 5 download in a few days time.

Obviously, these are not the official times so don’t be getting carried away. Instead it offers an insight so you can at least get yourself prepared for a possible update during those times mentioned above. Hopefully we will be hearing more hints on the iOS 5 download time before the update goes live, so we can give you a more accurate update shortly.

For those of you who are not picking up the iPhone 4S just yet, the iOS 5 update is going to be an exciting occasion for sure. It’s a huge disappointment that iPhone 4 owners will not get Siri features on their device since it’s iPhone 4S only, but Apple’s ‘hundreds’ of features promised for iOS 5 should be more than enough to keep consumers satisfied.

Are you waiting for the iOS 5 download time?

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  • Fateofthejedi21

    As usual, waiting for apple’s ass to get in gear… iPod touch synced, iTunes update complete ugh!!!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s put that brand spankin’ new server farm to work!

  • Spencerorgan1

    ITunes 5 downloaded – check

    iPad backed up to MacBook – check

    Waiting for iOS 5 software – check

  • I don’t understand why writers keep saying that *all* shipping dates have been delayed…. no. If it said it would arrive by the 14th when you ordered it it will. Since that bulk of iphones is sold out, the next shipping date corresponds with when there will be more available.

  • Kevin

    What about iTunes 4.5 which will likely be required to install the update?

    • Joeblow

      Uh, don’t you mean iTunes 10.5?

    • It’s suspected that iTunes 10.5 will release a day beforehand, and yes, to be able to wifi sync your device as well as to accomplish iCloud tasks, you will need to grab that update.  Just check regularly for updates.