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iPhone 4S antenna has fixed problems and created them

Apple never really had a fix for Antennagate, but at least we can safely say that the iPhone 4S has fixed the problems. However, by doing so they have created them as well; the reason being that they could have violated a patent owned by Samsung. This is yet another twist in the ongoing saga between the two companies, we will have to see how this one progresses.

We all know the saga from last year regarding the antenna issue with the iPhone 4, which forced us to use a case or bumper. The new fix is a simple one really, as the antenna is now one complete piece, although it is a dual antenna system, which you can read more about here. The issue is that this system was designed by professor Gert Frølund Pedersen, who some of you may know sold the patent to Samsung.

Why Apple would not check something like this first is beyond us; surely it is not what is being suggested on ZDnet? There has been no sign that Samsung aims to protect its intellectual property, but we cannot see why they would not? However, the South Korean company is already trying to get the iPhone 4S banned in France and Italy.

Not sure how long such a thing will take, but we cannot see a decision being made any time soon, as pre-orders have already started and they will start shipping in time for an October 14th delivery? Some consumers are suggesting that Apple deserves to get sued, as they have been trying it on rivals for years now.

We do not want to get into all the legal stuff, as both sides will have fair points to raise in the hearings. One thing we do know, maybe it’s time for the Apple and Samsung to make nice with each other and just get on with being market leaders?



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