iCloud pricing, iPhone 4S speed and early Mac release date

As iCloud is about to go live in just a few days we thought that we should give you a little price refresh. You might remember that the service will come with 5GB of storage for free, and for those who need more, then there is a small fee to pay. If you need an extra 10GB then you will need to hand over $20 a year, 20GB will be $40 and 50GB will stand you in $100 per year.

iCloud has been designed to work with all your iOS devices, and we just love how it will be launched the same day as iOS 5, and two days ahead of the iPhone 4S. Speaking of that new handset (which sold one-million pre-orders in 24 hours), iPhone Rumors says that we should look forward to a much faster iCloud experience because of the dual antennas. However, there is already an issue, which is something to do with a possible patent dispute.

There are still many regions in the U.S. and the UK where signal is not what it should be, but the new antennas should help to resolve this issue. However, we must stress that the public have not tested this in the real world, and we have all seen how Apple can get this very wrong.

Now, Apple has not said if Mac OS X Lion needs to be updated to make it ready for iCloud, but PCWorld reports that Mac OS X 10.7.2 update is being tested right now, and could also be released on October 12. This will be a true test for Apple, as they have three launches going on just days from each other, let’s just hope it all goes off without an hitch.



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