FIFA 12 Ultimate Team hacked, coins & players stolen

By Jamie Pert - Oct 10, 2011

One of FIFA 12’s most popular game modes is ultimate team, however we are hearing reports of some people being hacked, which results in players and coins being stolen, today we want to know if you have been affected by this issue.

We are not sure exactly how this hack occurs, however one of my good friends assures me that he hasn’t opened any dodgy email etc and now has lost all of is players, he also lost 25,000 coins and tells me he had spent roughly £30 on Microsoft points on ultimate team packs. He rang EA today and they are looking into the matter, but things don’t look promising.

It is not just my friend who has experienced this, if you check out this post the same thing happened to a gamer when playing FIFA 11’s utimate team mode – he suggests he lost all of the players which £100’s worth of Microsoft Points got him, people say that it is his fault and must have not “had the correct security measures in place”, but this starts an interesting debate as lots of kids play these games, should they really need to know about phishing scams etc?

Obviously it is not EA’s fault that people have been scammed / hacked, but perhaps more measures could be put in place to avoid this, we would love to hear your suggestions and ideas in the comments section. Also please answer our poll question. Here’s some tweets which report similar issues:

1jklange – My #FIFA12 ultimate team was hacked, all my players robbed. My Higuain black card gone. I will be EA’s first call at 7 AM when lines open.

WDWMrWomble – Had my Xbox hacked, my @easports #Fifa12 Ultimate Team and 6000 MS points bought and spent while i was in hospital today – @xboxsupport HELP

lewii Lewis – My #xboxlive account has been hacked… Someone purchased 6000 points of ultimate team packs!

JAM_LFC – Blahh .. it seems I was hacked .. no ultimate team for me no more ..

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  • on my ultimate team 50k has gone missing and it is really anoyying its happened to alot of my friends like on of my friends whole team and allhis coins went missing so he had to start all over again

  • Floodsworth

    My entire FUT club disappeared/got hacked. Has this happened to anyone before? I contacted ea and I got the same reply, 10-15 days to fix it. Its been over 20 days since then and Im still waiting for ea to do something. I had my squad selector full of top squads with top players, all gone. Entire club gone. I dont understand these hackers, part of the appeal of FUT is actually building the squads/club from nothing and enjoying the journey.

  • Nickrules54321

    i just got HACKED AND LOST in form iker casillas and in form ribery and in form danialvez

  • i just lost my team ea can you give me some one back please

  • Maxib99

    I lost a toty team and 900k send me it im 8

  • Ben C1

    i just had my whole team tacken it took me ages to get and now its just gone what do i do ???

  • Matty

    had Bale, Evra Gary Hooper on form hacker sold whole team took loads of money from selling them then spend and then spent remaining 35k on bronze guy. EA SPORTS HOLD YOUR HEADS IN SHAME


    Im tired of getting hacked, i emailed ea today, i lost my entire squad and 200,000 coins. Im waiting for a reply, you get a case number and have to fill in a few details. email, gamertag, platform, value of team and number of coins, and what players. I dont see why hackers get away with so often. They should be found and punished. -.-

  • Deandugmore

    right 4 1 if ea had an email account it wont b done thro gmail or live witch is hotmail so if u see them they r tryin 2 hack u if ya want the right email have a luk on the bk of the book ooo and if no 1 knows wat gmail is its googlemail i jst want 2 put the warnin out there hope u dnt fall 4 the scam ppl r tryin 2 do  

  • if you email they may be able to help
    I left my details with them and they returned all coins back to my account as coins are on a server of sort , however a friend of mine was also redeemed by trading via fifa 12 trade market , so you could email them you gamertag then they will send a friend request then grant the requested players

    • God

      you scumbag, why would EA use a @live address. you deserve to burn in hell. people are looking for advice here and you are trying to scam them further. You need shot.

    • ur dad

      ur tryin 2 hack ppl and u bbetter stop u nob head

  • Dghx

    I got hacked someone stole my ut including 100000 coins someone help plus EA don’t give ur players back so don’t believe all the fake accounts people make up and post on YouTube someone help

  • FUT-Baller

     i got hacked last week. they took over 127,000 coins, and a full brazilian squad.. with neymar inform.  my brother called EA and told me to email to actually be able to email an EA representative to figure out how to get my players back… it worked for me guys, id give it a try, the guy that helped me got me my players back in 2 to actually be able to email an EA representative to figure out how to get my players back… it worked for me guys, id give it a try, the guy that helped me got me my players back in 2 hours

    • Jphan427

      fuk u scammer

  • T Dayoub


    I was hacked yesterday for my 5 star team 88 TEVEZ 86 TORRES and all my coins. Go on  
    ea help centre they helped me though they refunded my coins and my team which they seen through the trade history you will have to talk to an ea live helper they have individual emails i spoke to EaSports.helpcentre@LIVE.COM.AU

    All you need to do is email them and they will give you a case number so you can follow up your situation anytime you want though it does take 3-4 hours 

  • Connolly456

    Ur all stupid never give ur email and passwords to any 1, if u ask me its all ur own faults u lot have bin hacked hav
    e fun starting from scratch lol


      Your a dickhead. Change your personality.

  • Tuffenils

    i got hacked today and after that i found a mail. i said that ive been hacked and lost 600k and messi, rooney, ronaldo all in inform and then they said that im most go offline for 12 h and then the money and the players will be in the trade pile

    send password and mail for youre psn acc and players and money you lost to
    this work 100%

  • FIFA kid

    Hey! I emailed and told them someone stole Messi, Ribery, Nasri plus 100,000 coins, all you have to do is put your email, password and security question answer for your ps3 in the email and you will get everything you asked for within a couple of hours! I’ve done this 3 times and it’s worked every time:)

  • Robert

    I have been hacked.i have lost a really great team.i have lost over 80$ on the packs.

  • Difhdhf

    been hacked twice, lost over 500,000 the first time, then over 250,000 the second time, and now just bought a 88 van persie, and its stuck in my watchlist, wont let me claim him. so actually thats the 3rd time ive been hacked…

  • Kjthomas

    I was given a false customer care email address and Thay took the lot all my gold players and left me with crap I am not amussed as I have spent a fortune in micro points to have them stolen I think its disgusting I emailed ea about it and Thay havenot even bothered to reply

  • got hacked on fifa 12

    do not use any coin generators. if you did and got hacked you only have yourself to blame

  • got hacked on fifa 12

    all my gold players were stolen and all of my coins

  • had my account hacked twice now. amended my ea sports account & they’ve still hacked it. Had to delete my team & start from scratch, again. surely someone somewhere can be contacted to restore my team, hard earned cash is spent on this & its getting out of hand. how many people need to go through this before someone does something about it!!!!!!!!!   FUMING!!!!!

  • Jason Kirk

    i lost my barca team including messi,xavi,iniesta

  • Omer


  • grimmdogg

    Technically, they aren’t really even hacking.  They are basically getting the right Customer Service Reps to  steal gaming personas.  They call up and give “your” gaming persona and say, I want it transfered to my new email address.  These Customer Service Reps do not have a clue what they are doing.  They think, I am helping someone out.  Little do they know people are being cleaned out.  A class action lawsuit is just what the doctor ordered, considering people spend lots of real money on this sh!t.  And good luck on ever getting any of your players or coins back.  EA had a good idea with FUT… but ask yourself this, do you get enough coins by actually playing to continuously open packs and get good players?  No.  Instead, you have to pony up tons of real money to have a top team.  It is pathetic and egregious on EAs part.  And they don’t care… so long as 100s of thousands of people continue to pay real $$$ for players on a game.  WTF?

  • Yboiss

    i was hacked they changed my password and now i cant log in!!!!!!!

  • AnnaSpannerCampbell

    Ive been hacked and they have changed the password for ea and when I buy some more stuff they take it away again

    • Jason Kirk

      change it again and use your email address ea will send you an email change the password then log in put the email address that you used to create your ea acount

      • Swagg12799

        how do you change it `again please help

  • Residualmaverick

    i received a message the other day that said ea and Sony wanted to give 5 gold packs. to receive this all i needed to do was to reply with my email and password. It sounded very fishy to me so i did not do it. did this happen to anyone else? 

  • Paulohanlon94

    pretty safe to say that im the worst affected here lads. ive been hacked 4 times loising well over 30milioncoins and aload of players. i hd roone an messi as my front two two wees ago now i have a bronze team. im considering not playing anymore as its a joke that we cant get are players back

  • Shahids

    i logged in to my ultimate team today and found 9 of my toty players robbed and my bench, worth around 9million coins, dont know how someone did it, they did not know my email as i know about these scams. but received an email from ea saying thanks for contacting ea, so he obviously did it by the phone, gutted!!

  • drp983

    ive been hacked 3 times and each time i get a good gold squad back together again, someone comes and takes it away. each time ive also changed my ea password but nothing ever works 🙁

  • Kjsb10

    my ultimate team has been hacked today roughly an hour ago all players and coins unbelievable im gutted lahm 87 terry 86 puyol 86 evra 85 vander vart 87 ozil 86 shwinstiner 87 riberry 88 modric 88 sanchez 86 ets you get the point how do i get rid of the web app altogether and what number do i call can you help .

  • Neil

    I am just after being hacked. Lost 30000 coins and spent about €20 on packs. ON ps3
    Also lost many In forms.  🙁

  • steve

    hi there i have been hacked on ps3 fifa12 ultimate team i have lost everthing all my top players inc rooney messi david villa etc i am well pissed of and i dont think ea will do anything about it they change my email and did that way so becareful people out there.

  • triiix magik

    I lost dual team system (brazilian mixed with Serie A) with notables being di natale, lavezzi, lucio, neymar (first in form), pato, robinho, hulk, maicon, dani alves, julio caesar, thiago silva(nif) I was also building a spanish team but only had torres and villa so far and 1600 microsoft points not like all of you who say you lost a million coins and messi and ronaldo and all that bull but I actually got hacked by the fake login scam if you do see this EA and are feeling generous then I would be grateful if I could get some of my players net worth even if you don’t refund it all. Thanks in advance, my xbox live account is triiix magik (im done giving out my password)  

  • Jasper

    I lost messi ronaldo the man city along with 1,000,000 coins if ea don’t sort this out then im sorting them out

    • Sid7867

      anything happen? what did u do as i just got scammed today??

  • Gtagravesend

    Ea does nothing about this, they won’t give ur players back

    • Neil

      Yeah it’s ridiculous

  • Anonymous

    I lost a Xavi and a Suarez plus 30000 coins 🙁

  • Awaisnawaz21

    i lost my inform 89 thiago silva 🙁

  • Connormcalinn

    Xx-SNIPPEZZZ-xX On fut12 my 108k was stolen by a person saying that he could do the duplication glitch and the coin glitch and asked for my details and I gave them to him but he gave my half of a lbva team and stole my 108k so therefore I would like my coins back and the persons account disabled

  • Kieran

    i lost my naismith black card, 250000 coins and rooney

  • Jake

    wtf… i lost my xavi 88 ratin and messi! how do i get back?

  • bubble

    i got messie in a pack informed went online then got hacked?

  • broad20

    hacked lost higuan, valdes the lot and 10k

  • broad20

    hacked lost higuan, valdes the lot and 10k

  • Patek5980

    i can’t control my players in fifa 12 division 3 ??

  • Mitchellcollins99

    I used a £30 gift card and a extra £5 I got for Christmas and bought 4200 Microsoft points I used the points on packs and from that I got Boateng, Akinfeev, Sow, another Sow, A full consumables pile and the money from sold players was spent on A Bale and I got hacked today and lost it all. In my team was Clichy, Bent, Kyle Walker, Gallas, Agbonghlahor, Carrick which I got from packs Forlin, Nesta, and other good players. Overall my team was worth 16,000,000 coins

  • Mitchellcollins99

    I used a £30 christmas gift card and an extra £5 on 4200 Microsoft points and lost all my players due to a scammer and Bale and Eden Hazard were my best players

  • Dennis654

    i lost 100,000 coins and my players were sold

    • Oscarfog

      check who you sold it to

  • Bradley4wigan

    i  lost 50k and my team! my best player was modric and all i know it don’t sound amazing but it was good for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sebpena2546

    i lost more than 1300000 coins with Rm sanchez and hulk with inform messi as also cristiano ronaldo god i just wanted back 🙁

  • Jack Sherriff

    I have had my FUT12 hacked 3 times before, twice of which in the space of 24 hours! the first time they had taken my modric silva eto’o steklenburg evra cavani di natalie and my sanchez leaving me with no coins and not enough players to complete a game so i called EA last night and they said they will look into it. when i went online to my FUT12 today they had taken the rest of my FUT12 off me i had di maria hazard pepe puyol mascherano akinfeev lahm. i’m getting tired of people getting into my account i have changed my password several times and there is still someone able to hack into my account i have PS3 and my friends have also had there team stolen. I am especially annoyed as i have spent 50/60 pounds on packs 🙁 

  • Matt

    i lost 100,000 coins, an in form luis fabiano, in form messi and inform di maria as well as 200 other players, im being made to start again. I know who hacked me, he has a youtube account called FIFAUT12Generator. he broke into my fake account and somehow got access to my proper account details.

  • chukie

    I lost 7’000 coins and i had a henry, kevin-prince boateng and a elia that i had putted up for 1,100 coins all bought for 200 coins. from 7,623 coin to 25 coins WTF

  • guest

    same here too, had almost the best players in la liga unless messi and ronaldo. lost players like sanchez, falcao, kaka, puyol,pique, ramos and valdes and i lost 13,000 coins too, sent EA a message and they said that they would send the message to FUT team creators and they will maybe get my team and coins back, but i don’t think that will happen.

  • kevin

    same here. i lost my whole team. ibrahimovic, cavani in form, neymar 87 i form, pato, tiago silva, daniel alves, casillas, snejder, robinho, ribery, hulk, robben, maicon, chielini, buffon, taiwo, lavezzi…. + 150 000 coins. i know for sure my account was hacked. they werent just lost. 



  • Kev

    I was returned to the Arena while playing FUT 12.  When I logged in, I lost Torres, Cristiano Ronaldo, Fabregas, Xavi, Eto’o, Pique, Puyol, Evra, etc…  There was a useless card transferred to my club for 2,000,000 coins, so now I have nothing…  I have been playing for weeks ans spent a LOT on Microsoft Points…  I’m still waiting for an answer from EA.

  • I lost my Lugano in form, Tremoulinas in form, Hazard, Michel Bastos, Hugo Lloris, Fanni, Pastore, Yann M’Vila, Gameiro in form, Loic Remy, Moussa Sow and 5000 coins today!!! WTF MAN

  • Charlie White

    Hi I’m 14 years old and I play ultimate Team, this guy said he was going to give me his team. He gave me an email address and password to log in to his account. I signed in on his account which meant my account was no longer in use. I gave him none of my own details but somehow he managed to take everything i had in my team. He told me to log out and come back online then my new team would be there. In this time he blocked all communication between us and all my players were gone. All he asked me was things like how many players and kits and staff i had in my club. I don’t know how he hacked my EA account and my dad has canceled his credit card just in case he got hold of other details stored on the  Xbox. He is know using my account as his so I cannot log in anymore. The email address he gave me to log in was and password was mufc. I assume this is a previously hacked account from another victim of just an account he created to scam people. His X box live gamer-tag was     o quIk shoTz

    • Khizr

      Basically, on Fifa Ultimate Team web app if you forget your password you can still get in if you type in how many players, staff, kits etc you have got. You gave him those details therefore he got in. Unlucky… word of advice don’t give any form of details no matter how big or small. 

  • Ryan

    Lost – LW nani and johnson
    RW – WalcottSt – (in form) demba ba, Hernandez (chicorito), DzekoCM – Raul Meireles, Scott Parker, Mikel Arteta, BarryLWB – ClichyRWB – WalkerCB – Kompany, David Luiz, Ivanovic, SkrtelGK – Joe HartPissed.

  • Ryan

    Lost – LW nani and johnson
    RW – WalcottSt – (in form) demba ba, Hernandez (chicorito), DzekoCM – Raul Meireles, Scott Parker, Mikel Arteta, BarryLWB – ClichyRWB – WalkerCB – Kompany, David Luiz, Ivanovic, SkrtelGK – Joe HartPissed.

  • Ryan

    i contacted ea about my problem on 13th october. It is now 16th november and ea haven’t done anything about it.

  • Kd Nufc

    I lost my full ultimate team, with downing and luis fabiano and over 5000 coins

  • Sander_matters

    i lost everything to i opend a pack and i lost all my players and money so i am kinda pissed of!!

  • Nazbenicelli

    I was hacked today on PS3 opened those free packs and got ozil hes gone half of my argentinian squad gone that includes cambiaso, samuel, higuain, pastore, mascherano, zarate, and pretty much everything I opened in the 4 free paacks plus all my coins I have emailed psn they told me to talk to ea and ea hasnt done anything for me yet

    • Nazbenicelli

      And the person who hacked me was also a Echsy Allstars but I dont think I have ever played him before

    • Dom Cally41

      Thats Really Bad This Has Happened To Me I Had Amazing Players Including David Beckham On Form And I Have Spent Over £50 On This.

  • damion

    AKarlo Brzi Karlović      facebook name  been hacking people lost everything 

  • Rricktm

    I played some guy (gamer tag “o iRascaL x”) online and wile i was playing this guy sent me a message with a site to get free packs i didn’t think out dodgy would happen.
    Cleared all my money and all my best players out of my team and my subs and a few others.
    Notist in my Trading i had found 5 new players all rubbish bught for this team (sellers info: AllStarz )
    Spent alot of money and creds to get these players. Does anyone know how to get these back or will it help ringing xbox or is it all gone now?

    • Jammydodgers123

      Chances are its gone, you dont have much hope of getting them back.

    • Wackyman39

      Sure I played that guy as well inbetween playing him he sent me a message that I sucked at the game, never replied just laughed it off, not long after everything was gone, but have to be honest never got an email but the name allstarz I remember because I never play that often online because I truly do suck at the game but love building a team and trading….Called EA myself if you read what I wrote just below, it is not looking to good and I really cannot be bothered to put in all those hours of building a team again just for some idiot to steal again when I will not know how to stop them……good luck getting your stuff back I truly hope you do get it back. Just hate these Idiots that cannot bother to put the hours in so they steal or scam….must be some law against these types of thieves….

  • Wackyman39

    Got hacked as well spent hours playing and building a good team turned the game of and about an hour later went onto the fifa 12 ultimate team web app to do some transferring and as it started up it welcomed me to fifa 12 and gave me a starter pack, clicked continue and BANG every player I had was gone and replaced by a crappy bronze team also noticed that I had no record of ever playing, no wins no losses no bloody team, 1 strip 1 was like I had just bought the game and was starting it for the first time, Was well and truly upset, so after taking about 35 minutes to get though to EA and was talking about the problem and being asked numerous questions they said they would look deeper into it and wait about 24 to 48 hours to see if they can find the problem and then restore it if possible and also to change my password which I replied I never gave it out and I never did one of those stupid scams, and that there must be some other way for this to have happened, got a number to use if my team is not back with the allotted time to phone them back and use the reference number they gave me, honestly can I afford to phone them back at 25p a minute when I was already on the phone to them for an hour and they couldn`t solve the problem then, Wife reckons will cost a fortune for the phone call and maybe have to phone them back, well that is not going to happen so hope they find the problem or will have to cut my losses and think deeply if I want to start all over again…..Hope everybody gets there Teams Back or something for the losses fingers crossed for the next 48 hours….

    • Jammydodgers123


    • Floodsworth

      EA should do everything they can. They dont. Its not real money EA. Just give it back.

  • Blidyard

    Had mine hacked today, Ribery, Lahm, Gomez, Neur ll gone plus 65k worth of coins

  • jamesey80

    who do i phone cuz i have lost every player and my money plz help

  • Peacefulplanet3

    Hack/theft on xBox online game Fifa Soccer12 today by online player “Dajaj” cost my son $120 in purchased points.

    Who is “Dajaj”?  Well – certainly a thief and a hacker …..

    My son recently spent $120 on xBox points which he used putting together Fifa Soccer12 team.

    He was playing xBox Fifa Soccer12 online this afternoon when someone called “Dajaj” joined the game he was playing.  He watched as “Dajaj” scanned my son’s team players.

    My son watched, horrified, as the player’s he’d used his purchased xBox points on disappeared from my son’s team and immediately reappeared on “Dajaj”‘s team instead.  (He lost something else as well but I can’t remember at the moment what it was).

    Whe  he realized what had just happened, my son tried to look up this player “Dajaj” – but “Dajaj” went offline  as soon as he’d finished pilaging my son’s team and points.

    So my son immediately sent a report via his xBox about this “hack” and theft.
    But there’s not much satisfaction in sending a “report” after you’ve lost $120 worth of players/points.

    Shame on the manufacturer’s of this game, EASports!
    And Nintendo (xBox Mnftr) for creating a system where

       ** encouraging kids to spend real $$ purchasing points etc. to enhance their game play, **
            *** without the appropriate security in place to avoid theft of these purchases   *** !

    So … is it our fault?   Let see ….
    I keep a very close eye on system security here: My son’s xBox is connected to the internet via our private network which consists of a new, high-end router with all security settings in place & active (MAC filtering, WPA2, password protection all around, etc) on top of which we have (purchased) an additional NETWORK security program, running alongside the network hardware’s security, providing an additional layer of security to devices on our network, including my son’s xBox (this is separate from, & in addition to, the comprehensive security suite that each computer runs).
    I monitor our network security every day or two and keep everything up-to-date and enabled,
    I watch for new threats emerging, and work hard to make sure we’re prepared & protected.
    I would say that I probably do more to ensure our network security than most.
    But despite all this, we still had this hack and theft …..

    So … given my vigilance in protecting our devices  that access the internet,
    I absolutely reject the suggestion that lax security on OUR part makes this hack/theft our fault.

    It’s the responsiblity of EASports (Fifa soccer12) and  Nintendo (xBox) to produce hardware and write software that is safe and highly secure – especially given the fact that players are encouraged to spending money on game points. 
    They need to be hypervigilant for new threats 24/7, 365 days/year.

    And when a breach, like this hack/theft does occur, they need to:
    – get the word out there that this is happening & how to avoid being hacked
      until they come up with a way to block the hacks/thefts
    – quickly respond to reports of theft & find a fair way to compensate these losses
      (my son has no way of coming up with another $120 to replace those stolen players/points …)
    – work FAST to find the breach and create a SOLID SOLUTION, distributed asap
    – last but certainly NOT LEAST: do everything possible to identify every person responsible for hacking/stealing and make sure that the full extent of the law is brought to bear on charging each and every hacker.  Theft is not tolerated anywhere, age/country are irrelevant.  Send the message that Nintendo and EASports take theft like this seriously and act on behalf of people like my son who has just lost the very real, and quite significant sum of one hundred and twenty dollars.

    I’m NOT encouraged by the fact that my first search on the internet for info about this hack/theft, after this theft today, did NOT lead me to an EASports/Fifa Soccer12 &/or Nintendo/xBox website – with information about these hacks, what is being done about them, & what we can do to avoid further hacks (& how to go about recouperating lost points/players).  Instead, I find just individual posts from people who have already experienced this hack and theft.  That’s it.  Just those affected.

    My Son had already heard about these hacks before today – and if he’s heard about them, how is it possible the system & game manufacturers have not?

    So I’m venting my frustration here, on Product Reviews.
    If nothing else, I hope it helps to raise awareness that these hacks/thefts are very real. 

    I hope others can avoid the theft/loss my son experienced today.

  • Metalheadfarmer

    Spent £25 on packs had the exact brazil starting eleven and £100k. Disconnected from the servers come back on and BANG no team or money anymore. Rung playstation, they said they’l look into it. No looking good so far! Very annoyed!

  • Pitchka Kuropolous

    my ultimate team got packed, lost 50,000 coins and another 100,000 worth of players, including player in my club which i didnt plan on selling, such as ashley young and santi cazorla

  • had my whole team hacked i spent 45,000 on a good team 

  • Mozza96

    just got hacked on fifa 12 ultimate team and i had the chelsea squad really pissed off 

  • Peaky84

    just got home from work and all my team gone. Not happy.

  • Wayneclark1979

    u all need 2 accounts 1 for p[alyer and 1 for your money so u dont lose both

  • Ryan

    im on ps3 and i couldn’t get on my ultimate team last night but i got on this morning and discovered that all my gold players are gone and i have only got 175 coins. I did have 7500. I also spent £5 on gold packs. 

    how do i contact ea to get it all back 

  • Lukasz Drozd

    Two of my friends who do not even own FIFA had their XBOX LIVE accounts hacked and premium gold packs were bought for their MS points. This is a really serious issue and many xbox users are affected!

  • rick

     my fifa 12 team was hacked lost all my players and all my coins spent alot of money and time getting a good team. not happy

    • Josh Lange

      Happened to me last night. I had spent $20 on my UT and all gone. Origin said they can’t do anything because I don’t know he hacked me, absolute joke..