Battlefield 3 more for Call of Duty fans, we think not

It’s always inevitable that people will compare one FPS with another, but we are shocked to hear that some gamers are suggesting that Battlefield 3 is more for Call of Duty fans. Now we are certain that this will cause outrage amongst fans of each franchise, and from what we played a few weeks ago during Eurogamer –we think not.

The beta version of BF3 has been met with criticism due to a number of bugs, as well as cheaters. However, DICE has already said that all these issues will be resolved. The one thing that they will never be able to change is how people perceive the game, and if they think it’s more like an extension of CoD – we just have to let them get on with it.

IncGamers suggests that Call of Duty fans will love Battlefield 3, but fans of the new game from DICE might reconsider. There is some truth to this, because I was always going to get BF3 and give Modern Warfare 3 a miss, based on what was being said about each game. However, after spending some time with each, it looks as though it might have to be the other way around now.

The reason is this; Battlefield 3 comes out the box kicking and screaming, as it’s made out to be much more than what it is. Have you changed your mind about BF3 now that you have had time with it? We just hope that the game can open up much more than it has done so far, if not it could struggle – not in sales but how fans will react to wasting their hard earned cash?


  • Jbrett591

    I was not planning on buying BF3 at all until I played the beta. Yes it had bugs, yes it had issues.  But when you got down into the subway and all the glitches faded away and the firefights got going back and forth. I got so pulled into the realism of the graphics, and the sound, and the visuals, that MW3 seemed like a distant memory. Long story short, I still have MW3 on preorder, but the same day that beta came out for BF3 that went on my pre-order list as well. 


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