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Battlefield 3: Gamers divided over 128 players on Caspian Border map

If you recently enjoyed the PC beta for Battlefield 3, there is probably a good chance that you got to try out the initially secret Caspian Border map. EA DICE has since opened the map up during the latter stages of the beta, but there are some cries from gamers that the large map should support more than 64 players officially.

Offically speaking, it is unlikely that Caspian Border will ever support more than 64 players as that isn’t DICE’s style to make such a bold change to the gameplay just due to public demand following on from the beta.

Unofficially speaking however, this has already happened, as some Battlefield 3 beta servers were hacked during the beta trial and a few of these servers had support for some brand new game modes and player cap limits which exceeded 64 players. We’ve spent some time gathering some feedback on the whole issue and it’s clear that there is a separating divide on whether DICE should increase the limit to 128 players on Caspian Border or not.

DICE are obviously fearing that things will get out of control in terms of keeping the server stable for everyone playing from a performance point of view, but as we’ve seen by the beta, it looks like it may be out of DICE’s hands anyway if they don’t allow this officially since the beta was easily hackable. Players who do participate in 128 player matches are likely to be banned, but once the final game is out, there may be even more loopholes that gamers can find to keep their accounts and player stats in tact.

Where do you stand on the debate on Caspian Border. Should it be increased to 128 players or not? You can read a useful topic about this subject over at Neogaf forums here. We’ll update you if we have any further information to give you. The full game will release on October 25th for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.



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