Rage graphics problems, review of confusing solutions

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 9, 2011

When we first looked at the Rage reviews earlier this week you couldn’t help but be impressed, and even the PS3 vs. Xbox 360 HD screenshots were hard to differentiate. Since then we’ve seen review after Rage review appear with most being extremely positive, although it has not been that perfect for some PC users.

You can be sure there are readers of PR that have had no problems with the PC version of Rage, although a few reports we’ve seen and a couple of emails we’ve had point to a few problems. Some people have pointed to the second disc improving graphics a lot, and this same technology is being used for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Battlefield 3, which can be read about here.

One issue posted in a forum, found here, a couple of days ago pointed to some problems with Rage that left “texture popping out” when the player looked left or right, which is known as “screen tearing”. One solution posted by another user said that some configuration files needed updating, which then helps the game look and run better on the PC. The confusion comes when we look at these configuration files, and there seems to be a few questions raised about what they do, and with no benchmarks to compare them to. You can read more on this yourself here, and see a video on YouTube by the same user showing them in action, although it does look a little slow. The same video is posted on this page below the article.

Another report about Rage PC problems has been posted on Kotaku, which shows that it has been officially confirmed by id software that there are driver problems, and these issues are really frustrating PC users. The full interview with Tim Willits can be read here, and shows id software has been working with ATI and Nvidia on these graphics problems, and hopes to have a solution to the driver issue soon.

Have you had any problems with Rage, and if so what platform are you running the game on?

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  • Playing on the PS3 the textures don’t load properly until after you look somewhere. Doesn’t stop the game from being fun or from running smoothly, but it’s really annoying after all the videos we were shown and all the hype about how good it would look 🙁

  • i have a problem as soon as i went onto my second disk. the sound went out and after the first door. everything went into some mixed looking graphichs.

  • Wxcnkj

    That’s not what screen tearing is. Nice try though.

  • Tavnu1

    Something needs to be done about the PS3 texture popping as well. every single ps3 users who has brought rage has this awful problem but nothing is being done about it or spoken of in the news.

    I’ve repeatedly (as well as many others) have posted on their forums and twitter but have had absolutely nothing back!

    Very unprofessional for a big company like bethesda. Awareness neeeds to be risen so they realise the problem is not going away and actually do something about it!