PS3 4.0 update will NOT bring cross-game chat

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 9, 2011

With each new PS3 firmware update we get to hear about not only new features, but also those missing features every time. Two months ago to the day we spoke about 4 killer features needed via a PS3 firmware update, and not the PS4, which included cross game chat.

Then at the start of this week we touched on the next major PS3 software update, v4.0 and what our readers wanted to see in this update. Not only did the 60+ suggestions include some really cool ideas like a YouTube app, NTFS support for external USB drives, faster in-game menu, Chrome browser, and a lot more but also as expected cross game chat showed its face again. Not everyone cared about that feature and a few think it’s a little overrated, but there are a lot of gamers that still want this ability on the PS3.

What surprises us the most is the consistent wish for cross game chat, and while we can understand why the gamer wants it, most people must have missed Sony’s comments on the possibility of having cross game chat. Around 2 months ago we heard from Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida who said cross-game voice chat would not happen thanks to the problems with memory restrictions. This does make us wonder what else is being restricted on the PS3?

We’ve loved hearing everyone’s feedback in regard to new features on the PS3 via a firmware update, but we wanted to clear it up once and for all. You will not be getting cross-game voice chat when PS3 firmware 4.0 is released.

Even if a homebrew developer creates cross game chat, Sony is surly right about memory issues and then this app would run into problems. If the memory problems is somehow fixed by a developer and a certain amount of memory reserved before entering a game, then that would really make Sony look like they did not care enough for this feature. The current stance from Sony is it is not possible, and with that in mind let us hear the last of thinking it’s coming to PS3 update 4.0.

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  • Rupertypoo

    lol at nobles bias attempt at impartiality.
    ie, 360 pros all positive yet ps3 pros all negative (almost)

    There’s a fanboy in there somewhere kiddo 😉

  • Both consoles are good, i prefer ps3 for gaming cause thats where I grew up playstation (putting N64 aside) but xbox should be respected for bringing online gaming (I may be wrong). Personally the reason I think xbox is hyped its cause MS pay big money to advertise and it pays for them. 

    Sony relies on word of mouth and it works but they should do more advertising, Like i love the new long live play ad that ad is awesome the best in gaming i think. As for cross chatting to fair thats something i never even care about if i wanted chat to my friend I will bbm them lol also ps vita will have cross game chattting

    • Sony have got plenty of advertising here in the UK… And it was the PC that made online gaming mainstream. The old Sega Dreamcast also had online gaming as did the PS2 and i think the N64 in Japan had it too…

      And i agree both consoles are great, and they are getting too much hype these days considering how dated they’ve become lol! These days it should always be about the quality of the games available and not the hardware it’s running on 🙂

  • Zziippeee

    Still arguing about which is better in 2011?! For me its about where my friends are. Don’t think either console has killed the other one. This war was a draw!

    • Anonymous

      That’s what Microsoft would like to have everyone think, they rushed in this gen, desperate to launch first, regardless of if the console worked or not, as all those hardware repairs will be paid by idiots paying $70 a year to play online.

      Anyone that thinks the PS3 and Xbox are on-par clearly hasn’t owned both systems, the PS3 is a generation ahead.  Multiplatform titles won’t demonstrate this, as multiplatform is all about compromise.  The platform exclusives are where it’s at, and whilst Xbox owners might think they are getting cool stuff like Gears Of Snore, they really don’t know what’s on offer on PS3 (and the media who are keen to not upset Microsoft) won’t be shouting from the rooftops.

      • Mosquite

        Mr. Jelly…Ever stop to think that you might be the world’s biggest PS3 fanboy?

        Luckily there are fewer of you around since the PS3 tanked.

        • Anonymous

          PS3 tanked? Its outsold the Xbox you fickin idiot…

        • Plenty of people here in the UK traded in their PS3’s for an Xbox 360 after the whole mess with Sony’s security (which was entirely their own fault… no excuses!).

          Where has the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360? except Japan. Worldwide figures show the PS3 is still behind the Xbox 360… It’s still no.1 in the UK and US. Anyway, who cares? I have both consoles so i don’t care which one sells more, i just wish people would stop spurting out random rubbish!

          Anyway, back to gaming on the best platform… the PC 😉

      • PS3 a generation ahead? Sure it’s CPU uses a completely different architecture (not entirely suited for gaming according to devs)… But it’s GPU is pretty much a generation behind the 360’s and based on the awful Geforce 7800 found in PC’s BEFORE the PS3 was released. Don’t forget the PS3 was supposed to be released around the same time as the Xbox 360 at the end of 2005, but got delayed for nearly a year due to technical issues and in all that time Sony still didn’t sort out the issues (YLOD which is basically the same thing as RROD)…. I agree Microsoft should have also held back a bit for further testing, but it’s all in the past now.

        Exclusives are great on both consoles, Only a fanboy would pick out a single exclusive like you did and call it crap “Gears of Snore”? I found it more entertaining than the extremely short, and mundane Killzone games… But i still found Killzone occasionally entertaining. The only exclusives i’ve really lost interest in are Halo (maybe Halo 4 might  get me interested again?) and Gran Turismo as the 5th one was crap.

        Anyway, arguing about ancient consoles is becoming a joke and it’s clear that you must be wearing PS3 goggles. I enjoy both consoles and can clearly see the weaknesses and strengths in both (i’ve owned both for years!). Xbox 360 and PS3 days are numbered as there’s only so much you can do with 5+ year old hardware…. It’s annoying as it’s also holding back the PC when it comes to multi-platform gaming, I’m very dissapointed with the PC version of RAGE and blame consoles and ID.

        • Anonymous

          YLOD is indeed similar to RROD but a thousand times less common. I dont know anyone with a broken PS3 yet virtually every Xbox owner is on their 2nd or more.
          As for specs, the PS3 specs have never been released, stop believing everything you read on the internet as fact. Its usually untrue and often written by Microsoft. The ps3 was originally designed not to have A GPU, the cell can do that just fine, however Sony failed to take onto account the laziness of coders writing cross platform games, so gave it A gpu too! Too many devs use the gpu shortcut in multiplat games. Its also why PS3 exclusives look so good, they do it the proper way

        • It’s a good thing Sony added a GPU (albeit a slightly poor one) as the CELL would not have coped alone. The official PS3 hardware specs have been known to the public for years now… Have you been living under a rock? The same goes for just about every other console created! How could you not know this?

          PS3 exclusives use both the GPU and CELL… These games wouldn’t be the same without the other. It’s also not to do with devs being lazy, it’s Sony being awkward with their choice of ‘complicated’ CPU which is better suited for a server than a games console. Microsoft stuck with the already tried and tested ‘General Purpose’ CPU design and added extra cores, multiple threads, a healthy clock speed etc…

          I also know quite a few people with old knackered Xbox 360’s, old Phat PS3’s and even the early slim PS3’s! I’ve had 2 PS3’s and 2 X360’s… My current X360 has been perfect for nearly 3 years now (Jasper revision) and my PS3 slim has been fine for around 6 months as my old phat PS3 got YLOD and Sony wanted over £100 to repair it just so it can break again later on.

        • Anonymous

          Show me the official ps3 specs then…. all I have ever seen is internet hearsay

        • Google it… There are planty of websites showing the same confirmed specs. It all looks good on paper, but it’s a shame about the real world performance. Sony had massive potential, but that GPU and limited 256mb RAM is a bit of a let down. Most of the flexibility has gone due to restricted memory for both the system and GPU. Xbox on the otherhand can allocate whatever memory is needed at the time and share it between the GPU and system… The Xbox GPU also includes it’s own extremely fast eDRAM.

          You can go ahead and research it all… ‘theoretically’ the PS3 has a better CPU if used properly, but the Xbox GPU wins hands down. Both systems are almost on par if you weigh out the pros, cons, real world and synthetic performance along with hardware specs etc…

          You can’t even download anything on the PS3 whilst playing a game! That alone tells me there’s no hope for x-game chat. It’s all about available system resources and how everything is handled… Efficiency doesn’t seem to be a key point with the PS3.

        • Anonymous

          You really don’t get it do you? Google it does not get you the official specs, it all leads round and round in circles to the same original forum post where some bloke said it might be a Gt7800.

          Sony have never released the specs, and nobody knows them outside Sony and NVidia. That is FACT. You on the other hand seem to think that anything you read on the Internet is the gospel truth it seems….. That’s how Microsoft can fool a whole generation of gullible teenagers into thinking whatever they want them to think that week.

        • Nvidia themselves released the RSX specs along with their own ‘supposedly’ biased performance numbers and everyone knows how much Sony bragged about their beloved CELL, releasing the specs on their own website and at E3 (not sure if the info is still there though)… And what are you babbling on about Microsoft fooling gulllible teens? What exactly are they fooling people with? Seems everything is one big conspiracy to you.

          You need to brush up on your Google-Fu and not make others do it for you. And you can’t use the word ‘FACT’ without providing proof…. It’s a well overused word these days and is to be taken with a pinch of salt when it’s coming from someone in a comments section on the internet.

          And don’t go wandering off to Wikipedia either…

        • Anonymous

          the FACT is, you clearly can’t provide me with official Sony or NVidia RSX specs, and just use the lame “use Google” reply constantly…

          There are no specs for the RSX other than some fanboy site forum myths and circular links to the same rumour..

        • I’m not providing links because i can’t be arsed and i’m sure you’re more than capable at finding out for yourself…  Anyway, the full PS3 specs were revealed at E3 over 5 years ago and not some fanboy website.

          You don’t have to believe me and i don’t care, i know the official specs have been made available to the public for sometime now through game conventions, trustworthy online sites including Sony’s own and through the mouths of top game devs. I’ve not looked at the PS3 specs recently or bothered looking for them again for sometime now as there’s no need. I already know the specs for most consoles and computers dating back to the 80’s 😉

          Anyway i can’t be bothered arguing about these dinosaurs anymore and would rather get back to some real gaming on my PC, and maybe play the odd exclusive on my ageing consoles.

        • Anonymous

          So you spend hours searching for Official RSX specs from either Sony or NVidia, found none and then pretended you “can’t be arsed..” OK then…..

      • bocajbee

        I have both a ps3 slim and 360 slim and I think they are both on par. Does that make me retarded? 

        • bocajbee

          * And a 360 slim, I think they are both on par. 

        • Anonymous

          Ask Microsoft…

          You bought a product with a 60% failure rate, that costs to play online, has last-gen DVD drive and games that come on 3 or more DVDs… I think deep down you know the answer…

  • Nah Duh. They already told everyone that its impossible to get cross game chat on the PS3

  • Ryan T

    I own a PS3 after years of owning an xbox 360. I dont miss x-game chat at all. In fact its a relief to be able to game without being annoyed all the time. The reason I have a console is for games and the fact that the PS3 has better exclusives far outweighs whatever blah blah nonsense xbox fanboys come up with to make themselves feel better about their purchase. I like the fact I dont have to change discs and the installs and updates never bother me. I have added attachments to my controller and never liked using triggers for FPS as I feel the shoulder buttons more responsive. My xbox was too loud compared to my PS3 and my ONKYO sound system seems to have a whole new dimension now its connected to the PS3. All in all, Im happy to have switched to PS3…. and thats not a fanboy view no matter how you read it, just my honest opinion!

    • I only really use consoles for the exclusives these days… Everything else looks and plays better on the PC as console hardware started to show it’s age a good couple of years ago. As i’ve said before, the PS3 and X360 both have cons and pros 🙂

      The old Xbox is loud as is the old phat PS3 when the fan really kicked in. The slim PS3 and X360 are much quieter. Trigger buttons for FPS games feel more natural to me… But thats just a matter of preference as is cross game chat i suppose.

  • Why do people still bring up the Blu-ray argument? The storage capacity is great but thats the only good thing as the PS3’s Blu-ray drive is too slow at keeping up with the X360 and PC (hence the long winded mandatory installs)… I also don’t mind changing over a disc once every few hours if the better version of the game happens to be on multiple discs (nobody complained back in the PS1 days with Final Fantasy etc.). Are people really getting so lazy that they can’t manage to swap over a disc?

    Anyway, the Blu-ray argument is getting old and is still not an essential requirement for a good gaming experience… You don’t see PC games using Blu-ray discs and the PC versions are always far superior! Anyway i’m betting the next console from Micro$oft will have something better than Blu-ray… Or at least a much faster Blu-ray drive.

    Xbox 360:

    * Upscale any game to 1080p (unless it’s already native 1080p).
    * Download things in the background whilst playing games or watching movies etc..
    * Cross gaming chat which is great if you have lots of friends online pllaying different games (or not playing any at all).
    * 90% of multiplatform games look and perform better on the X360 (exclusives are quite good on both consoles).
    * Xbox Live is more reliable and has more ‘active’ players then PSN.
    * Wireless ‘N’ is available which is better then the PS3’s old and slow Wireless ‘G’ (although i prefer a direct ehternet connection for the best online experience).
    * Controller is better for racing and FPS games.
    * Xbox dashboard (GUI) seems more fluid/responsive and easier to use than the PS3’s XMB, which i personally find a bit clunky.
    * Hardware and software is more flexible which is great for devs.


    * Reads Blu-ray discs which can store much more data than DVD (handy if disc swapping really bothers you that much!).
    * Plays Blu-ray movies which is good if you don’t have a better stand-alone player.
    * Internet browser, although i’m not sure why it was included as it’s absolutely crap! Anyone who owns a PC shouldn’t bother with it…. Not really a pro unless you have no other way to access the Internet.
    * All PS3’s have built in wireless capability (even though it’s only 802.11G).
    * PS3 controller has a built in rechargeable battery which is handy, but you’ll need to fork out for a whole new controller once it’s unable to hold a charge.
    * Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA audio (only applies to PS3 slim and i’m not sure what games use it besides some Blu-ray movies).
    * Free online gaming (can be a bit dodgy but thats probably one of the reasons why Sony don’t charge for it.
    * Easy HDD upgrade.
    * Controller is better for fighting games.

    …And obviously a good PC absolutely destroys any console in all categories 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It’s not memory restrictions per-se, it’s that they can’t take memory and use of for cross-game chat, as there are existing games that rely on there being a certain amount of free memory on the PS3, once a product is released, if you want to add major functionality like this, your only choice to do so is to free up memory elsewhere, and the PS3 XMB had already been stripped bare (down from over 100MB to less than 16MB over the last few years.)  In other words, they ran out of optimizations.

    However the only people really complaining about lack of X-Game chat are Xbox owners, as that’s the only area where it scores a point over the PS3.  In every other respect the PS3 kills it.

    • I’m mainly a PC user but also own a PS3 and think the lack of cross game chat is a bit poor considering how much Sony ‘used’ to boast about it’s capabilities and raw power etc.

      Anyway, I hardly think the PS3  ‘kills’ the Xbox 360 in every other respect, thats just fanboy talk coming from someone who’s either never owned or barely used an Xbox 360 (or for some reason just hates them). Both consoles have their ups and downs… PS3 seems to have more downs in my opinion but that doesn’t stop me enjoying the games it has to offer.

      • Anonymous

        I have had both systems, and the PS3 is better is virtually every respect, so it’s truely baffling why people focus on a single lame point like X-Game chat, yet totally glossing over all the significant differences.
        I don’t see product reviews (and everyone else) talking about why the Xbox doesn’t have something like the PS3 cloud game saving (for instance), which is a million times more useful.

        • Benopayne

          xbox360 have cloud game saving coming this month and i have both console ,i spend more time on the xbox360

        • Anonymous

          Everything about the Xbox seems to be “comming soon”. It’s now the catch-up console… How’s Blu-Ray support? Still coming soon?

        • bocajbee


        • PS3 already has cloud game saving, what point are you making?

        • Do you really trust cloud saves with Sony’s online stability, reliabiltiy and security issues? Why not just back up your HDD or copy saves over to a USB stick? I know what i prefer to do… And isn’t cloud saving only available to PSN Plus users? I’m not paying for that.

  • Youtube browser/uploader and NTFS is available via homebrew on the PS3.