O2’s iPhone 4S stock reserved on launch day

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 9, 2011

The rush to pre-order an iPhone 4S from the limited stock on Apple’s Store saw them sell out pretty fast, with shipping dates moving to at least another week longer. This confused a few people that thought the iPhone 4S would fail; they couldn’t understand why everyone jumped on the wagon when the new iPhone was a minor update in their opinion, although these same people may not fully understand something called “Siri”.

If there were only one new feature in Siri, this alone would change everything for iPhone 4S buyers, and is the very reason you’ll only get Siri on the new iPhone, to increase sales in our opinion.

Today we heard that O2’s iPhone 4S stock would not only be limited, but also reserved for those loyal to O2. This will not make everyone looking for the new iPhone happy, although we have to smile at what O2 has done, stepping away from the majority of brands that love to look after new business more than their existing customers.

O2 said they want to “look after existing customers first” and that you need to be a customer for at least one month before October 4, 2011 if you want one of their initial iPhone 4S stock.

Do you think more brands should look after existing customers rather than new business? Will you be ordering an iPhone 4S, or have you already pre-ordered? You can read about Three UK’s offerings for iPhone 4S here.

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  • Anna

    when O2 asked me why I was leaving, I told them it was because I couldn’t pre-order the phone with them. 
    Her answer was “Well I know some of our customers have taken a week off work and are even already camping outside the shop in anticipation” Ummm yeah like that’s a reasonable option….

  • Rachel88

    after waiting for the new iphone for months, being told my o2 that i can fast track as im not due an upgrade untill november, i called yesterday and as of the night before theyve not stopped fast track upgrades if you dont spend £40 pm … just in time for the 4s… gits! bye bye o2!

  • Dave Skillen

    Just to let all you ‘Loyal customers’ of O2 know. If you are only halfway through your previous iPhone contract with them and you DONT pay over £40 a month on that contract then dont bother going to try and get a fast track upgrade because O2 are not really looking after you and wont allow you to pay for the priviledge. O2 are looking after the customers who pay the most NOT all their customers. Dont be fooled into thinking they are…..