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Nexus Prime: Boot animation download offers early sneak peek

We have just given you our very own collection of Google Nexus Prime roundup information, which lists all the recent rumors on the device so far up until this point, but now we have something much more exciting, something which will give you a chance to get a hands-on experience with the device before release.

It’s no secret that the Android community are a clever bunch of people, especially when it comes to modding, providing custom features and additional usability at the expense of no extra cost for the consumer. Well, if you’re planning on picking up the Nexus Prime when it finally makes its debut, you’ll be wanting to download this boot animation to your current Android device to get a early sneak peek on just one of the smartphone’s many features.

The animation has become available to download, courtesy of MyDroidWorld forums, as reported from Droid-Life. If you have a rooted handset at the moment, it looks like instructions are very simple to follow, but it will be a little bit harder, but not impossible if you’re not rooted. Full instructions can be seen over at Droid-Life and early indication is that it works on a number of Motorola handsets, with the Droid X and Droid Pro a few handsets confirmed to be working. If you head over to the MyDroidWorld forums, you’ll can scan through the comments in that thread and see that other handsets are compatible with the Nexus Prime boot animation too, like the HTC Thunderbolt.

As for the animation itself, it is pretty sexy to say the least and will definitely pump some life into your current handset with regards to the boot animation you previously had on your device. Hopefully it won’t be too long until we can see this animation on the Nexus Prime itself, as Google and Samsung has just delayed the announcement of the device until further notice – more on that here.

Download the animation for yourself and let us know if it works for you – do you like it?



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