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iOS 5 jailbreak problems for iPhone users

This week has been a good one for those of you wanting an iOS 5 jailbreak for the iPhone, which was made easier with Sn0wbreeze 2.8b8, although it doesn’t work with the iPad 2. We know there is a lot of good reasons to jailbreak your iOS 5 device; one hope is for a Siri app later on, although there can be problems at times and this has also been shown this week.

The video below this article shows you how to fix a problem some users have experienced with Jailbreak iPhone’s running iOS 5. The issue is known as the “1/4 Screen” problem, which is pretty obvious why when you see the video below.

This article reports that the problem happens when you install Activator (via Cydia) on a jailbroken iPhone that is running the latest iOS, which then sees an app run at a reduced size, roughly one quarter of the screen. At the time of writing it seems this issue only happens with iOS 5.

Have a watch of the video below to see how to fix the quarter screen issue, although you should know that this fix is only a temporary measure, and when you reboot your iOS device you’ll need to repeat the process. We expect Activator to be updated for iOS 5 shortly.

Have you had any problems with iOS 5? The new operating system for Apple devices will be released to the public in 3 days time.



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